15 Platforms to start affiliate marketing for Free

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Are you a beginner in the field of affiliate marketing and looking for Free ways to make money with affiliate marketing then you are on the right place. Before we jump directly to the free platforms lets know the general terms of affiliate marketing first.

free affiliate platforms

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from the referral program.

On other word

Getting commission for generating traffic or sales for a Publisher by advertiser is known as affiliate marketing.

You must have encountered “affiliate link” or “sponsored post” while browsing internet or YouTube. The advertiser gets certain amount of commission according to the affiliate types.

If you are beginner to affiliate marketing, let’s know from the basic.

First, find an affiliate program or network according to your interest or your niche you are currently working in. Get an overview, including the product typo, services, and payment methods, along with the commissions they offer.

If the program or network appeals you, just sign up for the program and wait for the confirmation. Afterwards, you can start creating content around the program and adding the custom links the program provides.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

According to Statistica, affiliate marketing spending in the U.S alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022.

Thus the question arose why the companies are willing to spend these amounts of money on affiliate marketing. Here are the 6 reasons to start affiliate marketing:

  • Low cost of start-up
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Targeted traffic
  • Working Flexibility
  • Less risk factor
  • High return of investment

As we have seen what is affiliate marketing and why it is necessary for students, beginners or everyone. With a right niche, keywords and right platform you can make money online by doing affiliate marketing.

Let’s begin today’s topic about 15 best free platforms for free affiliate marketing.

1. Blogger.com

Blogger Free affiliate Platform

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned and hosted by Google. You can surely use it to create, write and publish a blog for free affiliate marketing. It allows you to create content in the form of articles, images, videos and more.

How to use Blogger as Free affiliate marketing?

Blogger lets you create a free website also it allows you to choose the name of your blog. So, you can sign up for blogger to access the dashboard and create content instantly.

Now create content around your affiliate networks to get more conversion. Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks to use Blogger.


  • Easy to use and get started
  • Free of cost
  • Free themes and templates available


  • Just for Basic Blogging
  • Limited to 100 blogs per account
  • Does not have your own Domain name

If you are planning to choose affiliate marketing as a career, you should consider buying your own domain name and hosting.

Click here to see Plans and Pricing for domain name and hosting.

2. Weebly.com

Weebly Free affiliate Platform

Weebly is another good option to consider where you can build a website for free. As we can use Weebly for free with their free plan, we probably should thank them.

It is one of the most well-known website builders out there on the market. Currently Weebly powers over 50 million websites worldwide.

Let us know the pros and cons of using Weebly as a free website builder for affiliate marketing.


  • Free plan available
  • Good Value for money
  • Helpful SEO guidelines available


  • Drag and Drop customization is limited
  • Mobile optimization not good
  • Outdated designs and themes

Although Weebly is available with free plan, it will be wiser to get your own domain name and hosting. However in the long run working with Weebly may not be Generous and beneficial for Affiliate Marketer. Check Cheap and Best web hosting available.

3. Medium.com

Medium Free affiliate Platform

Medium is another free blogging and web publishing platform where you can post your content for free. You might wonder “Why Medium.com?” and the answer will be:

  • It ranks #366 on global, #312 on United States and #22 on computer electronics.
  • It has monthly visits of 160 million.
  • Most of the traffic comes from search engine.

It is world-wide popular and used by most of the beginners, intermediate or professional affiliate marketer. As you might have encountered articles from Medium.com while searching any query on “GOOGLE.COM” which means people are using Medium.com widely.

Let’s see benefits and drawbacks of Medium.


  • Easy article submission
  • Easily accessible and simple interface
  • You can monetize your content from Medium itself


  • No dashboard and insights available
  • Content might get buried easily
  • The payment might be confusing

As you have seen the stats, I surely will suggest using Medium.com. I personally too use Medium.com to publish some of my content. Also if you like to make website like us, learn here.

4. Gab.com

Gab.com Free affiliate Platform

Gab is alternative social media network you can use as a free affiliate marketing platform. As they claim, Gab is the future of online publishing because of their decentralization and open platform.

 If you are wondering now, how could you use a social media network as a free affiliate marketing website? Here is how you can pursue affiliate marketing:

  • Write article and post on Gab
  • Post videos or images on Gab
  • Create groups on your niche and find audience of same interest
  • Make post on trending topic on your niche
  • Reach out other groups and try to provide value on them

As you know that, interest of people on social media is growing day by day for news, health, gym, movies, music and a lot more. So, it could be a great opportunity grabbing them.

Advertisers can easily promote here without any restriction but it cannot be for the long term. The latest post and engaging post are mostly suitable. On the long run you should consider building your own website with custom domain and hosting.

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Free Web Hosting

wix.com Free affiliate Platform

There are huge numbers of free web hosting service provider where you can build your website free of cost. Some of the free hosting services are damn good, as they provide hosting for a single website.

These types of platforms are able to host your own custom domain name and also their own sub-domain. Ex hosting.wix.com for a Wix website.

Checkout Custom Domain Name Here

Here are some free Web hosting services you can consider.

  • Infinity Free
  • Wix
  • 000webhost
  • byteHost
  • Awardspace

6. WordPress.com

Wordpress Free affiliate Platform

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for blogging and web publishing. This might be another right choice for you to publish your content.

It is the worlds most powerful and popular website builder. In fact it powers more than 43% of all the websites on the internet which are over millions all over the world.

The main reason you should choose Wordress because of their flexibility; that means you can create any kind of website you imagine!

Passionately you can create a blog, small business website, online store, membership site, even a marketplace and a lot more with more credibility. WordPress comes with huge chunk of plug-ins and themes that can enhance your website thoroughly.

Let’s find out the Pros and cons of using WordPress:


  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Huge extensions, add-ons, plug-ins, themes to extend website.
  • Popular 3rd party integration tools for email marketing services, CRM software and more.


  • No drag and drop website builder (must use plug-ins)
  • All the updates require attention
  • Must know basic knowledge of HTML and CSS for website enhancement

Hence WordPress might be the right choice to start your free affiliate marketing.

7. Pinterest.com

Pinterest Free affiliate Platform

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine specially used for ideas like food recipes, home and décor, style inspiration, fashion and more. It has the global ranking of #29, USA ranking #28 and #10 on computer and electronics.

It gets over 962 million visitors in a month which creates huge possibilities to generate commission for affiliate marketing products and for knowledge it is totally free of cost.

Therefore these above stats show for sure, Pinterest is free affiliate platform with high potential. People are making money right now with! What is your excuse?


  • Easy to drive traffic
  • Easy share of Information
  • Conversions rates are typically higher


  • Only image and video platform
  • Very Specific traffic
  • Legal issues must be considered

8. Facebook/ Facebook Group

Facebook Free affiliate Platform

I wonder who does not use Facebook, being #3 on global ranking Facebook is most popular social media site. The craze of Facebook is increasing day by day creating huge opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Women and men are joining groups for better shopping advice, start up owners for network opportunities, there are large variety of reasons why people joins a Facebook group.

So, to increase the sales or traffic generation huge numbers of famous personnel are also using Facebook and Facebook groups. A right niche group can be a boon to some of the affiliate marketer.


  • Pre-built targeted Audience
  • Easy to join and excess
  • Better business opportunities


  • Privacy Leaks
  • Some Facebook groups are not suitable
  • Your content might get buried

9. Siterubix.com

siterubix Free affiliate Platform

SiteRubix is another free affiliate marketing platform available that is maintained by Wealthy Affiliate University. You can choose custom sub-domain name with extension of .siterubix.com.


  • Super Speed
  • Free website and excellent free web hosting
  • Free trainings available


  • Website on sub-domain
  • Customer support is limited
  • 1 on 1 mentorship is only available for Premium members

10. Tumblr


Tumblr is extremely useful for sharing posts related to technology, science and more. Affiliate marketers promoting affiliate links for science and technology on Tumblr is best suited.

On this platform you can easily share your article and also learn a lot from it. As it has the monthly traffic of 288 million, surely it is a place to promote your article or content with your affiliate links in it.


  • Free to post
  • Variety of post options
  • Connecting communities


  • Hard to get trigger words
  • Less customization option
  • No detail on engagement statics

11. Linked.in

linked in Free affiliate Platform

LinkedIn is a social networking site that mainly focuses on professional networking and Career development. Therefore it can be a place where you can promote affiliate products for career development.

Here you can create your professional profile and you can get job or sale a service on which you can generate money.

LinkedIn allows you to publish article which users read and if they get interested you can generate traffic to website or generate sale.

Also if you have your own website then you can share your article directly on this platform. As this is an especially for professionals, please do consider about the niche of article you are working on.


  • Absolutely Free to post and create content
  • Easy to connect with professionals
  • Can promote and sale services


  • Hard to get desired results
  • Best for getting jobs
  • Don’t have wider affiliate promotion categories

12. Joomla

joomlaFree affiliate Platform

Joomla is a free and open-source Content Management System that offers useful tools, great extensions, and powerful designing flexibility.

This is another free platform to promote articles and content. It is one of the top class CMS available on the market. This platform provides advanced mode of designing that helps a creator to look like a professional.

To lunch Joomla you can go to joomla.org and make a free affiliate marketing website.


  • Great for Beginners
  • SEO friendly
  • Great for e-commerce affiliate marketing


  • Complex than WordPress
  • Less Free Joomla extension
  • Less free Joomla templates

13. Substack

Free affiliate Platform substack

Substack is completely free of cost; you can publish your article along with text and audio without any costs for storage. You can use this platform for email newsletter to generate sales.

Here the question arise how I can promote here and the answer will be; content creators or affiliate marketers use an email subscription newsletter to convert their subscribers into paying customers.


  • Easy Discoverability
  • Optimized for email leads
  • Optimized money making strategy


  • Few design options
  • Less number of search engine optimization

14. Squarespace.com

spacesquare Free affiliate Platform

Squarespace is ideally used to create professional creative websites. It consists of best quality design which is perfect for blogging, photography and it comes with incredible sales tool for online business.

It has the rating of 4.7 out 5 in a research. Also it has the monthly traffic of more than 23 million. Thus choosing this platform for free affiliate marketing promotion could be a good idea.


  • Eye catching stunning templates
  • Excellent marketing features with email and social support
  • Awesome support


  • Does not provide full customization
  • Data may loss (no auto save function available)
  • Paid plan is better

15. Site123.com

site123 Free affiliate Platform

Welcome to the by far easiest free website builder available on the market. Site123 offers two plans for website creation which includes a free and a paid or premium version.

It is free and easy to use website builder so you can create your content easily.


  • Free Plan
  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual


  • Pain plans are expensive
  • Design restrictions


Hope you like this article! These are the 15 best free platforms to start affiliate marketing for free. I hope you have gained some knowledge through this article. Read out again if you do have confusion about these platforms.

I personally myself use most of the platforms in order to promote affiliate links through article writing and content creation.

Let me make you clear all these platforms acts as a supplement and boosters to your content. And some of the platforms limit you for more content creation which is not good for the long run.

If you are in it to win it with affiliate marketing you should consider getting your own domain name and hosting for longer run. Checkout BLUEHOST reviews 2022 here or visit BLUEHOST web hosting directly here.

As Zackarka is all about digital marketing, online business and Make money online; so I insist you to join our newsletter to get more knowledge about these topics.

Also don’t forget to comment your queries and share this article with your friends to provide knowledge and information.


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