30 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

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Google AdSense is the most popular, preferred and used tool for making money online through blogging or website or YouTube through the advertisements provided by them. But it is not the only company that pays for adverts. There are huge amount of AdSense alternatives which you might check and consider making money with it.

Before we go through the AdSense alternatives, let’s know about Google Adsense, and why it the most popular?

Websites Best for Google AdSense

Google Adsense has their certain policies to meet; if a website meets the requirement then the website is good for running Google Ads on it. Any type of website can access the Adsense but Google mostly favors the listed website belongings.

  • Blogs – Blogging is the most common, since blogs can be monetized; most of the blogs are utilizing the facility of AdSense. A high quality content website with consistent blog posting for audience can easily be monetized.
  • Forums- If you are not a type of person that likes to write a blog, you can attract people and interact through Forums instead that can generate AdSense revenue.
  • Free Online tool – People are mostly attracted towards free offerings. Providing free tool or service with attached Ads can also generate revenue.

A website with regular traffic is more keened for Google AdSense.

Signing Up with Google AdSense might be problem for some of the users. Also Google AdSense charges more as a tax which might be problem to users.

There might be lots of reasons not to use Google AdSense, also some users personally did not like Goolge AdSense.

So, the question comes what other ways I can monetize my website? This leads to the Adsense alternatives.

Why Should I look for Google AdSense Alternative?

 Google AdSense has been one of the prime ways to make money online with blogging for many years. Right niche with good content with engaging audience, a website can generate good amount of revenue.

But generating revenue from Google AdSense is not the only choice. There are more alternatives and reasons to look up instead of Adsense.

You might already be AdSense member but these AdSense alternatives may blow your mind and some of them can generate more revenue than AdSense. You can either use single stream to make money or you can keep Google AdSense with some additional streams.

Without delaying lets dive deeper on getting Google AdSense alternatives.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

  1. Amazon Associates programs
  2. Adversal
  3. Taboola Native Advertising
  4. Media.net
  5. PopAds
  6. Adcash
  7. InfoLinks
  8. Evadav
  9. Propeller Ads
  10. Sovrn
  11. Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM
  12. Google Ad Exchange
  13. Vidoomy
  14. Dianomi
  15. Carbon Ads
  16. Bidvertiser
  17. Skimlinks
  18. Ezoic
  19. Adsterra
  20. AdThrive
  21. Mediavine
  22. Monumetric
  23. Adblade
  24. Advertising.com
  25. RevenueHits
  26. BuySellAds
  27. PopCash
  28. SHE Media
  29. AdRecover
  30. MadAds

Have a general overview of these 30 AdSense alternatives and then we will dive deeper below one by one.

1. Amazon Associates programs

Amazon has an affiliate program that has gained more popularity over recent years, which is considered as a significant Ad competitor for Google. This is one of the best AdSense alternatives around because of its modern and automatic tactic that can easily fit Ads in a blog.

Amazon associates have built-in link building tools that you can link to your website to direct the potential customer or audience to the recommended product.

You can earn commissions by generating sales to Amazon. Here the commission rates may vary from category to category.

Amazon associates programs are best for large traffic websites where they can generate more sales and get more commission revenue.


Adversal can be your another AdSense alternative, as it has easy to use Ad platform. Here you have to go through easy sign up process to produce the native ads to your blog or website.

Adversal come with special requirement before getting started with ads, where a website must have special domain name and must have an average of 50,000 page views on a month.

If you have met the requirement it might be right AdSense alternative for you but if not you shouldn’t apply before it.

Adversal have an intuitive interface which allows user to easily start, pause or terminate the running Ads or campaign.

3. Taboola Native Advertising

Taboola is another AdSense alternative that is emerging and has become common and more popular to many of the blogger. Huge number of website owner has shifted to Taboola Native Advertising platform.

It comes with 100% fill rate which fulfills the demand of Ads. Most of the Advertiser Company gets restricted because of the geography but Taboola doesn’t limits here.

The best part of Taboola is, it has some awesome features where you can customize widgets and use prompted product listings.

As soon as you sign up with Tabolola, you are allowed to use the tools in Google-sponsored search areas, websites and also on social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.

4. Media.net

Media.net specially focuses the contextual advertising and has become a prime competitor to Google AdSense. Now a day’s most of the blogger and websites owner are applying for Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads from Media.net network.

Most people are shifting because of the high paying ads revenue. You can also make money with media.net by signing up and putting Ads on your website, revenue is generated whenever the website traffic clicks on the Ads.

More over they offer comprehensive design option that allows customizing manually to enhance the performance of the ads layout and a good looking website.

5. PopAds

Another option to monetize your website or a blog can be PopAds. Most people find PopAds more interesting because it can generate you revenue instantly. PopAds has the simplest method to generate revenue just by impression strategy.

It has some criteria that a website has to follow where the websites traffic must be 1000 visits per month and the minimum cash out amount is just $4.

Once the minimum cash out threshold is met, you can easily withdraw your earnings through PayPal directly.

This is so easy to use and effective immediately, hence this is also a great Google AdSense alternative.

6. Adcash

Adcash is one of the well known Ads serving platform where they have successfully helped 200+ million users to increase their app’s installation and generate revenue from conversions.

It has wide variety where a user can apply different Ads format like- pop up ads, standard display ads, aside ads and many more alike. Also this offers unique add-on ads which consist of anti ad-block feature.

Anti Adblock feature allows to see ads although the user have enabled Adblockers. Thus you can make money by suppressing the adblock feature.

This feature has attracted more users and become competition to Google AdSense.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is an automated Ads platform, where you have to apply HTML code to your website and they do the rest.
You can personally create the ad types such as banner ads and video ads to monetize your website.
Infolinks serves top leading brands like Netflix, Virgin Airlines. Here infolinks is a mediator that helps to increase the traffic of these companies by increasing the engagement on a website.

8. Propeller

Currently over 200 thousand publishers are using this platform to generate money from ads. Propeller ads come into the market in 2014, despite of short period of time it has gained more popularity and becomes one of the Google AdSense alternatives. Propeller ads claims to increase your monthly income by 20% because of the facilities they provide; such as they have 24 hours moderation service and filtration system that prevents the Ads to look Spammy and leads to relevant and legitimate ads.

9. Evadav

This can be another Google AdSense alternative where Evaday advertising network mainly focuses on push notification along with ads.

Evaday also has some of their special requirement to get signed up, where they personally review and approve website on the basis of traffic and safeness. If you are signed up, high paying adverts are generated to make money with.

Their promotional methods include video sliders, native ads, and banner ads for both of the mobile and desktop users. As it consists of push notification, once a user subscribe to push notification the system automatically helps to get connected with them by offerings.

10. Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM

This platform can be used as a booster to a website as they provide effective ads that are exponentially related to your niche.

A special feature that retrieves the content search and the related keywords to a website trigger the ads. Once the purchase is made or service is clicked, you will receive a commission.

Once you full fill the minimum payout you can easily cash out through various payment methods.

11. Sovrn

Sovrn specially focuses for the ecommerce websites. This could be a great alternative for the website owner who has numerous ad links to monetize.

Currently Sovrn is working with 40,000+ independent websites. Sovrn Ads claims to increase the revenue by 26%.

Sovrn allows you to integrate the available ads where you can keep the track and records without any error. In addition it allows Amazon users to create links that can easily be shared to your websites.

12. Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange sounds similar to the Google AdSenese, but it one of the alternative to AdSense. Most of the Ads platform pays the user to get clicked for it, but Google Ad Exchange pays the user for 1,000 impressions according to the niche.

This platform can be great option to the website where the owner gets more impressions.

To enable ads you have to go through sign up process and once you get the dashboard the platform itself refers you different services like Global DSPs and Adwords to enhance the website performance.

Google Ad Exchange also has adblock bypass system to the user who uses adblock, also they uses data usage, cookies and URL usage to enhance the ads generation and placement.

But to enable this feature you must have 5 million page views monthly to work effectively and efficiently.

13. Vidoomy

Vidoomy Ads are the Ads platform which generates ads in video forms mostly. Currently Vidoomy has 2000 plus publishers to monetize their content.

This is best for the publisher who creates high engaging, high-quality and impact video advertising campaigns. Vidoomy’s video formats have greater acceptance on audience as the videos are more likable and interesting to watch.

According to the video creation of the niche they provide the highest CPMs on the market to full the demand of Ads.

14. Dianomi

Dianomi is also a great alternate to Google AdSense those who are looking to monetize their websites.

It has a special tool that has an algorithm that that dissects, responds, assesses, and gives ongoing activities to guarantee your crowd gets quality and trustworthy adverts.

Currently it is getting more popularity because of their service with reputable publishers like BBC Global, Reuters, Forbes, and WSJ.

Dianomi has wide range of ads to work with such as sponsored ads with variety on their infographics, videos, and articles to publish on websites.

15. Carbon Ads

Carbon Ads is another Google AdSense alternative that works on the basis of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  This means Carbon Ads find the best suitable ads on the basis of present situation of browsing content.

This is best for the targeted audience especially for blog which is niched down. Suppose if a website has audience of designer and developers, the special AI of carbon Ads shows the Ads belonging to Technology, App, Designing and many more.

You can possibly use this platform to make your website look more professional and generate more revenue.

16. Bidvertiser

Considering Bidvertiser as Google Adsense alternative would not fail you because it has the simplest interface for the bloggers and publishers.

Bidvertiser provides special customizer so that you can customize your ads according to the layout of your website. Also they have high CPM per thousand clicks, the minimum PPC rate starts from 0.05 per click which may vary depending on conversions and country.

Bidvertiser do have the minimum threshold of $10 to cash out your earnings.

17. Skimlinks

Skimlinks can be your another AdSense alternatives for monetizing your website. It is a specialized content monetizing Ads platform that helps the publishers like (bloggers, social media network, forums, apps, and developers)

Skimlinks thinking as an opportunity, they offer direct access to the partners and merchants platform. This depends on the quality of the content and the size of traffic that you generate for the ads. This becomes prime solution to generate more revenue with your website.

18. Ezoic

Ezoic can be potential Google AdSense alternative as they claims to be better than Google AdSense. They claim to increase the blog earnings and also increase in traffic of the website.

Ezoic is an automated website testing company which enables the publisher to strategies’ the appropriate placement of Ads for better conversions.

Ezoic can be eye catching Ad platform because of the feature the provide like speed calculator and automated layout, in addition of Cloudflare CDN, WordPress and other essential features.

19. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the popular Global ad platform network founded on 2013 working presently with 30,000 plus partners on 248 GEOs.

It surely can be your another Google AdSense alternative as it is one of the fast-growing ad platform. This ad platform serves the ads in very informative and aggressive way, so the engagements of the customers are more likely.

This best for the beginners as they accept instantly and care every partner, either with more website visitors or less website visitors.

20. AdThrive

Adthrive would be perfect option as Google AdSense alternative for bloggers or content creators to maximize their revenue per page view.

Before you think to sign up for this, at least you should have 10,000 page views monthly. If you do have passed the minimum requirement you can apply for it.

Currently it is considered to be one of the best ads platforms because they are offering 75% payouts for the publishers. This has comparatively increased the closeness of publishers and advertisers.

21. Meadiavine

Mediavine is another alternative to Google AdSense for the high traffic website. Mediavine has certain requirements to be fulfilled to get selected for it. You must have 50,000 page views in the previous 30 days on Google Anylicts to sign up for mediavine.

This ad platform is especially for targeted audience primarily can be considered as advance version of Google AdSense. This also payout its 75% to the publisher; publishing ads on their website.

22. Monumentric

Monumentric is blog centric ad platform offering abundant competition to Google AdSense. Monmentric Ad platform pays for a typical impression rather than cost per click.

It can be best for the website that appears more and not getting converted for clicks.

But it comes with limitation of 10,000 monthly page views and also you have to pay $99 as a signup fee.

23. Adblade

Users prefer AdBlade for its largest content style ads surfing on the internet. Adbalde has gained more popularity and presently have over 300 million users for their features.

AdBlade is selective about their publishers as they claim to get huge amount of applications daily, so they only accepts publishers or website that generates 500,000 page views per month. If you met the requirement you are goof to go. With AdBlade you can control the sales and ads in need; also you can check out your gross report and collect the revenue to check out the performance. They generate high-quality user experience to interact more users again and again.

24. Advertising.com

It is one of the higher Google AdSense alternatives that only focus for the high profile advertisers and publishers.

Advertising.com is managed by Yahoo! Once you are up and running the ads form advertising.com you can see variety of ad formats suitable for you website.

It consists of very powerful Anylicts features to maximize the revenue generation through their ads. It generates more suitable ads for the visitors so they visit more often.

25. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the simplest ways to convert your digital content into passive income property. These hold best industry-wise ads that can be placed according to choice.

It is free to join, currently over 20,000 publishers are working worldwide with RevenueHits.

Moreover, it accompanies different showcase based promotions like buttons, pop-unders, gadgets, and others reasonable for adapting your site or content. You can get additional Anylicts metric to check out your best performing ads and enhance others.

26. BuySellAds

BuysellAds is another appropriate Google AdSense alternative that is on a high roll right now. It is best for the users who are seeking for platform to diversify the advertising strategy.

Their strategy is completely different than other ad platforms where they support channels like display ads, emails, sponsored content, native performance and more.

This also has the limitation of 10,000 page views per month to enjoy the full benefits of all the features of choosing and customizing Ads personally.

27. PopCash

PopCash is Popunder network that buys and sell popunder traffic leading to advertisement. This is sure a Google Adsense alternative because of its flexibility throughout the interface, coverage to Payment.

Currently over 50,000 active publishers are working with Popcash. Unlike others to get ads form Popcash you have to pay $5 as a sign up fee.

In case you have any issue PopCash comes with 24/7 support to solve problem.

Talking about the payment process it has 8 plus payment process supporting PayPal, Skrill, wire and others.

28. She Media

The name itself shows the targeted audience as this platform mainly focuses for the female creator. It is more popular on female audience getting monthly view of 50 million per month.

She Media helps female creator to monetize their content despite of their age and country.

Apart from the advertisement, She Media offers paid product reviews, sponsored posts and content monetization.

It has gained more popularity because they have gathered famous female personality like Jennifer lopez (singer), Serena Williams (tennis Player) and more.

29. MadAds

MadAds is our last on the list that is alternative to Google AdSense. It provides the campaign from internet’s highest profile brand advertisers.

MadAds offers a wide scope of promotion missions to browse including CPA, CPL, CPC, and CPM. This stage is likewise extraordinary in light of the fact that it offers you the chance to work with experienced streamlining experts to upgrade your promotion arrangement. This is an extraordinary reward!

30. AdRecover

A stat shows Adblocking has grown by 34% and still growing but Adrecover has made out a way to recover the ads with adblock too that has increased the ad view percentage and revenue generation.

To get started with AdRecover you must have at least of 10,000 adblock users and get monetized.

AdRecover ad platform has collaborated with adblock providers to display extremely fast loading UX-complaint ads to boost the ads performance and visualization.

My View:

Above presented are the 30 best Google AdSense alternatives. If you are a blogger and looking to monetize in any way you can choose any one of it and make money. Some of them have limitations and some of them accepts instantly.

This just general overview, before you get involved on any one of these alternative ads platform please do have more clear intention why you should join.

If you are beginner or new to blogging and searching for a way to start blogging as a career, you can check out other blog post too. Firstly you need web-hosting to host your website. Learn more which Web-hosting you should choose and why?

If you find this article beneficial, please do share with you friends. Also if you know other Google Adsense alternatives you can comment the list and I will try to add them here.

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