Canva affiliate: Full Guide to Join Canva Affiliate

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Welcome!!! to the ultimate guide to join affiliate network of Canva. As you know Canva is a free graphic design platform where you can design business cards, instagram posts, video thumbnails and more.

Canva has authorized there affiliate through Impact. Impact is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform; it provides wide range of companies to be partner and make money being an affiliate. So, to be an affiliate of Canva you have to go through Impact.      

You can follow these 3 simple steps to make money with Canva affiliate.

  1. Register as affiliate
  2. Promote Canva Pro
  3. Make money

 It seems pretty easy right! So let’s break down these 3 simple steps to make money with Canva affiliate.

How to register as Affiliate?

The first step is to join the Impact affiliate marketing platform. Impact has dual mode affiliate Partners where you can be partner as a company (for Brands) or as a creator (publisher). To get started you have to visit

You can now choose whether to sign up as a Brand or as a Creator (choice is yours).  

For creators like me, choose sign up as a partner. Signing up to impact requires detail personal information, payment information, social media profiles and ways of promotion. You will see same as below, fill up the required fields and submit the sign up form.

If you are resident of USA you have to fill W9 form and if you are resident outside USA you have to dill W8BEN form for tax purpose.

The work is not done yet! Impact takes a bit of time (3 business days) for approval. However signing up is easy but you should not think it as a simple form submission. Moreover you can expect a phone call for the proper verification of the information you provided and to learn the methods of promotion.

Before you get approval from Impact you will be able to visit the marketplace and bookmark other affiliate merchant providers. Bookmarking the affiliate program does help you to get easy access for processing.

Entry Barrier to get accepted:

Do I require huge audience to get accepted for Impact?

Clearly they have not mentioned any audience amount, but rank on Alexa, Moz Domain Authority and large audience are more likely to get approved with ease. Whereas getting approved by affiliate merchant may be a problem because of smaller audience or by certain circumstances.  

Once you are approved by Impact, you are able to apply for Canva affiliate. This is all about singing up to Impact; let’s roll back to the Canva affiliate program approval.

Requirements to get fit for Canva affiliate:

  • Design influencer: If you are blogger or a content creator in a niche of Designing, you are the best fit.
  • Design educator: You are also the best fit if you teach designing online.
  • Large Audience: Anything form stock photos to fonts; related to designing with more than 1 million monthly visits are in it to get Canva affiliate program.

Let’s hope you got approved for Canva affiliate by surpassing the minimum requirements of it. Now you can get login link to Canva Pro affiliate from the Impact dashboard. If you are approved and don’t know your login credentials you can email at .

Payment Setup:

Additionally you have to set up your payment preferences. It can be done simply by adding your correct bank account information and choosing the currency to be get paid. Also you have to choose the amount threshold to get paid.

Canva do have monthly payment method but it is not recommended because the threshold of monthly payment might not be fulfilled sometimes.

Canva Affiliate Dashboard:

The first look of the dashboard might fear you, take a deep breath and get along with all the available tabs.

You will get options to hang out with the contract terms, ads to promote and visual overview of tracking link performance. Even you can check out your reports whether the links are performing or not.

Before you see performance you have to get the promotional link and get to your audience.

You can create your affiliate link easily by choosing the Canva option. There are lots of promotional ways available on Canva Pro such as deep linking, select ads on navigation bar, custom code, landing page and more. This is a easy task you don’t have to worry about it.

After setting all this up; now let’s head towards step 2 of promoting Canva Pro. Canva affiliate themselves provide huge assets and option to promote.

Some of the creative assets to promote them are:

  • Custom ad templates: These ads type are of standard type where you can promote to your Facebook or Instagram. Also to mention that you can customize them too according to your need.
  • Videos: You will get dynamic high engaging creative videos so that you can share to get attration towards your affiliate.
  • Text links: These are basically the hyperlinks you can embed into unique article or content on your blog. It is also called deep linking.
  • Banner Ads: Canva has the best banner ads for blog and website. As they are of universal standard, it is easy to use and upload to the side-bar of any websites to get converted.

Despite no limit of promotion you must keep some questions on mind before promoting to different platforms.

Are Canva pro features relevant to your community?

Based on the community you have developed for yourself you must have to express the benefits that your audience could have with Canva affiliate.

Can Canva help your audience?

This is one of the most relevant question you should ask yourself before promoting Canva Pro; as you should surely provide value and help to your audience.

As an example, being on the same industry of designing Figma is mostly used by Web developers where they can create layers to work with which is not included on Canva.  Check out difference between Canva and Figma.

What platform are you using to promote Canva Pro?

Different platform has different resolution of image and videos. As for example Instagram post uses portrait mode of 1080px *1035px whereas Facebook post uses 940px*788px. So the different platform need different configuration.

Let me feel you a bit relaxed, if you a beginner no need to worry; you can contact for support 24/7 for solution you need.

This is the last and final step to make money with canva affiliate program.

How much money does Canva affiliate make?

They claim to provide up to $36 for each new Canva pro subscriber. The new user must sign up through your affiliate link to get commissions. Canva has 30 days cookie policy which means a new user must subscribe for Canva pro within 30 days.

Also Canva do have monthly subscription Fee where an affiliate can get up to 80% commission under 1 or 2 month monthly subscription whereas 25% commission on yearly subscription.

Once you sell Canva Pro to new users you can easily cash out money. Indeed Canva have flexible payment methods where you can easily get paid via PayPal or e-transfer once a month.

Here comes the best part now you can easily visit your dashboard to see total monthly income and performance of your links.  

 This is how you can get affiliate for Canva.

My overview:

Canva affiliate is one of the high ticket affiliate program where you can get handsome amount of money per sale or commission. But Canva community has made standard to provide value on the market which might not be possible for the smaller content creator. Mostly a company selects an affiliate to get benefit for both sides.

The minimum requirements for Canva let worry content creators because larger audience wants to promote Canva affiliate. So it is better to apply after having some results on other affiliate programs or with larger audience.

Sometimes getting approval for Impact gets hefty but don’t worry they will provide the reason of declining. So, you can overcome the reason and apply again with better and stronger profile to get approved.

If you are newbie in the market of affiliate marketing or planning to make living with affiliate marketing, you are on the right place to learn and make money with me. Here is the complete guide how to setup a blog and make money?

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