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Designing is an Art. There are various famous graphic designing software’s available. However we are here to discuss about Canva vs Figma. Which one to choose?

A stat shows 60 million monthly active users of Canva whereas Figma has overall 1 million active users. This shows which one is the most famous. Though Canva is much famous than Figma, it has its demand according to its need and complexity.  

canva vs figma
Canva vs Figma

Few years ago designing was done by only professionals where they learn and implement their creativity. There were fewer editing and designing options. So to produce a good design an individual have to spend a lot of time and energy to learn and create a design.

There were fewer artists available which makes harder for the interested individual to create on their own graphics design. Because of high demand for the designers small businesses were out for dry by the bigger organizations.

Getting back to present, there are countless number of designing software’s available which can be used offline and online as well. Tools such Canva, Figma and sketch can be used online whereas software like Photoshop, Blender and more can be used offline.

Now a day, for an individual or smaller businesses designing is not a dream anymore. Huge numbers of built-in templates, info-graphics, website design, posters, business card and banners are available so that non-professionals or an individual can use to make meaningful design.

Personally I have used both Canva and Figma for my projects. Let’s go through what I have learnt using these tools.

Canva vs Figma

Figma Dashboard

Before we start comparing them, I would like to say they are not competitors. Being on a same industry of designing they are poles apart. While Canva is a free graphic design platform such as Figma is a digital designing and prototyping tool. People use Canva for making invitations, business cards, Instagram posts, logos, videos and more considering that Figma is used to create websites, apps, or smaller interface components that can be integrated into projects

Canva Vs Figma Usability

Canva is extremely easy tool. Figma is hard for beginners. Canva has an easy interface so that even a non-professional or beginners can understand and use easily whereas Figma has sophisticated interface that is harder for the beginners.

Canva provides ready-made templates to design with built-in resolutions but Figma doesn’t provide many templates to work on.

Figma has released few templates to work but mostly Figma is a clean sheet to work for your design. You have to create your every element on your own. It has one benefit where you can import pictures, images, and elements from sites such as Freepik, Unsplash, Pixabay, Font Awesome and others.

The main difference between Canva and Figma is; the usability purpose where Figma is suited for professionals who have to take care the minor details on their design whereas Canva can be used by professionals, non-professionals, creator, and editor, basically everybody.  

Canva vs Figma Integration

Figma has won the competition of Plugin integration as Figma consist whole different page for Plugins. There are lots of benefits for the plugins integration as it provides aid and more value working with a team or importing resources from integrated websites.

In comparison to Figma; Canva falls behind as it lacks plugin advantage. Indeed Canva provide few plugin integration options like Canva for WordPress but it can’t provide benefits up to the mark.

Both of them provide simple and easy integration on websites. While using figma you can connect with various users and community members to get more ideas and improve the productivity.

Another benefit with Figma is Figma chat, which allows the user to send text that interacts the user working on the same file or same frames whereas Canva does not provide such feature.

This comparison completely makes Figma a professional tool. It’s a loss for Canva but don’t make up your mind yet! A lot more comparison is remaining to choose a winner.

Canva vs Figma Templates

People love Canva more than Figma because of their templates. Designer does not have to start their design from a scratch as they can choose pre built template that saves a ton of time, effort, money and frustration.

Canva provides dual designing option either you can choose a blank document or a template to work. You don’t need to worry if you have started with a blank document their left panel is always there to help. You can access different backgrounds, design elements, GIFS, images (free or paid) and even you can upload on your own.

Canva vs Figma Layers

As we have mentioned earlier Figma is mostly used by professionals, Figma users love to work with their “Layers”. Figma is compared to Adobe Photoshop but most users say it is less complicated.

You can create multiple layers and play with it (group them, push up and push down the layers) at your leisure. A designer feels privileged while working with lots of layers, such as Canva lacks in terms of layer management.

Canva vs figma Best Usecase

Canva is famous for a small business creator or for personal creation like thumbnail for Youtube, Pintrest, Facebook videos and images.

Web Developer loves Figma. They can easily create an algorithm prototype for a website and present to their team for better purpose. Developer can easily create, modify and replace the layers using the framework provided by figma. Figma is introducing new features to attract more users; recently they have improved their presentation mode by disabling the footer section.

Canva vs Figma Plans and Pricing

Both the platform provides free as well as a paid version. For a small creator you can use free version at your best.

Canva Plans and Pricing

Canva Pro: $119.99 per year


  • 100+ million premium stock footage
  • 610,000+ premium and free templates
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • Background remover and resize design

Canva Enterprise: $30.00 per month (Group of 25 People)


  • Team Uploads
  • Unlimited storage
  • 24/7 Enterprise-level support
  • Single-sign on (SSO)

Figma Plans and Pricing

Figma Professional: $12 per editor per month billed annually


  • Unlimited Figma files
  • Sharing Permissions
  • Team libraries
  • Audio conversions

NOTE: Free for students and educators

Figma Organization: $45 per editor per month only billed annually


  • Org-wide libraries
  • Design system analytics
  • Private plugins
  • Branching and merging

Figma Enterprise: $75 per Figma edito per month & $5 per Figjam editor per month only billed annually

It is best for advanced security and flexible controls.

My overview:

It was pretty hard to compare these two designer platform as it seems comparing 50 over match (ODI) and T20 cricket. Both of them have different value and serve different purpose even they belong to same industry.

I suggest to try both the platform yourself to determine which will suit you to determine yourself the winner. My honest opinion is; I use both. For simple thumbnail designing of my website without any difficulty I use Canva and to design the outlay of my page and overview I use Figma.

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