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15 Platforms to start affiliate marketing for Free

Are you a beginner in the field of affiliate marketing and looking for Free ways to make money with affiliate marketing then you are on the right place. Before we jump directly to the free platforms lets know the general terms of affiliate marketing first.

free affiliate platforms

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from the referral program.

On other word

Getting commission for generating traffic or sales for a Publisher by advertiser is known as affiliate marketing.

You must have encountered “affiliate link” or “sponsored post” while browsing internet or YouTube. The advertiser gets certain amount of commission according to the affiliate types.

If you are beginner to affiliate marketing, let’s know from the basic.

First, find an affiliate program or network according to your interest or your niche you are currently working in. Get an overview, including the product typo, services, and payment methods, along with the commissions they offer.

If the program or network appeals you, just sign up for the program and wait for the confirmation. Afterwards, you can start creating content around the program and adding the custom links the program provides.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

According to Statistica, affiliate marketing spending in the U.S alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022.

Thus the question arose why the companies are willing to spend these amounts of money on affiliate marketing. Here are the 6 reasons to start affiliate marketing:

  • Low cost of start-up
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Targeted traffic
  • Working Flexibility
  • Less risk factor
  • High return of investment

As we have seen what is affiliate marketing and why it is necessary for students, beginners or everyone. With a right niche, keywords and right platform you can make money online by doing affiliate marketing.

Let’s begin today’s topic about 15 best free platforms for free affiliate marketing.


Blogger Free affiliate Platform

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned and hosted by Google. You can surely use it to create, write and publish a blog for free affiliate marketing. It allows you to create content in the form of articles, images, videos and more.

How to use Blogger as Free affiliate marketing?

Blogger lets you create a free website also it allows you to choose the name of your blog. So, you can sign up for blogger to access the dashboard and create content instantly.

Now create content around your affiliate networks to get more conversion. Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks to use Blogger.


  • Easy to use and get started
  • Free of cost
  • Free themes and templates available


  • Just for Basic Blogging
  • Limited to 100 blogs per account
  • Does not have your own Domain name

If you are planning to choose affiliate marketing as a career, you should consider buying your own domain name and hosting.

Click here to see Plans and Pricing for domain name and hosting.


Weebly Free affiliate Platform

Weebly is another good option to consider where you can build a website for free. As we can use Weebly for free with their free plan, we probably should thank them.

It is one of the most well-known website builders out there on the market. Currently Weebly powers over 50 million websites worldwide.

Let us know the pros and cons of using Weebly as a free website builder for affiliate marketing.


  • Free plan available
  • Good Value for money
  • Helpful SEO guidelines available


  • Drag and Drop customization is limited
  • Mobile optimization not good
  • Outdated designs and themes

Although Weebly is available with free plan, it will be wiser to get your own domain name and hosting. However in the long run working with Weebly may not be Generous and beneficial for Affiliate Marketer. Check Cheap and Best web hosting available.


Medium Free affiliate Platform

Medium is another free blogging and web publishing platform where you can post your content for free. You might wonder “Why” and the answer will be:

  • It ranks #366 on global, #312 on United States and #22 on computer electronics.
  • It has monthly visits of 160 million.
  • Most of the traffic comes from search engine.

It is world-wide popular and used by most of the beginners, intermediate or professional affiliate marketer. As you might have encountered articles from while searching any query on “GOOGLE.COM” which means people are using widely.

Let’s see benefits and drawbacks of Medium.


  • Easy article submission
  • Easily accessible and simple interface
  • You can monetize your content from Medium itself


  • No dashboard and insights available
  • Content might get buried easily
  • The payment might be confusing

As you have seen the stats, I surely will suggest using I personally too use to publish some of my content. Also if you like to make website like us, learn here.

4. Free affiliate Platform

Gab is alternative social media network you can use as a free affiliate marketing platform. As they claim, Gab is the future of online publishing because of their decentralization and open platform.

 If you are wondering now, how could you use a social media network as a free affiliate marketing website? Here is how you can pursue affiliate marketing:

  • Write article and post on Gab
  • Post videos or images on Gab
  • Create groups on your niche and find audience of same interest
  • Make post on trending topic on your niche
  • Reach out other groups and try to provide value on them

As you know that, interest of people on social media is growing day by day for news, health, gym, movies, music and a lot more. So, it could be a great opportunity grabbing them.

Advertisers can easily promote here without any restriction but it cannot be for the long term. The latest post and engaging post are mostly suitable. On the long run you should consider building your own website with custom domain and hosting.

Check out Bluehost Web Hosting Here.

Free Web Hosting Free affiliate Platform

There are huge numbers of free web hosting service provider where you can build your website free of cost. Some of the free hosting services are damn good, as they provide hosting for a single website.

These types of platforms are able to host your own custom domain name and also their own sub-domain. Ex for a Wix website.

Checkout Custom Domain Name Here

Here are some free Web hosting services you can consider.

  • Infinity Free
  • Wix
  • 000webhost
  • byteHost
  • Awardspace


Wordpress Free affiliate Platform

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for blogging and web publishing. This might be another right choice for you to publish your content.

It is the worlds most powerful and popular website builder. In fact it powers more than 43% of all the websites on the internet which are over millions all over the world.

The main reason you should choose Wordress because of their flexibility; that means you can create any kind of website you imagine!

Passionately you can create a blog, small business website, online store, membership site, even a marketplace and a lot more with more credibility. WordPress comes with huge chunk of plug-ins and themes that can enhance your website thoroughly.

Let’s find out the Pros and cons of using WordPress:


  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Huge extensions, add-ons, plug-ins, themes to extend website.
  • Popular 3rd party integration tools for email marketing services, CRM software and more.


  • No drag and drop website builder (must use plug-ins)
  • All the updates require attention
  • Must know basic knowledge of HTML and CSS for website enhancement

Hence WordPress might be the right choice to start your free affiliate marketing.


Pinterest Free affiliate Platform

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine specially used for ideas like food recipes, home and décor, style inspiration, fashion and more. It has the global ranking of #29, USA ranking #28 and #10 on computer and electronics.

It gets over 962 million visitors in a month which creates huge possibilities to generate commission for affiliate marketing products and for knowledge it is totally free of cost.

Therefore these above stats show for sure, Pinterest is free affiliate platform with high potential. People are making money right now with! What is your excuse?


  • Easy to drive traffic
  • Easy share of Information
  • Conversions rates are typically higher


  • Only image and video platform
  • Very Specific traffic
  • Legal issues must be considered

8. Facebook/ Facebook Group

Facebook Free affiliate Platform

I wonder who does not use Facebook, being #3 on global ranking Facebook is most popular social media site. The craze of Facebook is increasing day by day creating huge opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Women and men are joining groups for better shopping advice, start up owners for network opportunities, there are large variety of reasons why people joins a Facebook group.

So, to increase the sales or traffic generation huge numbers of famous personnel are also using Facebook and Facebook groups. A right niche group can be a boon to some of the affiliate marketer.


  • Pre-built targeted Audience
  • Easy to join and excess
  • Better business opportunities


  • Privacy Leaks
  • Some Facebook groups are not suitable
  • Your content might get buried


siterubix Free affiliate Platform

SiteRubix is another free affiliate marketing platform available that is maintained by Wealthy Affiliate University. You can choose custom sub-domain name with extension of


  • Super Speed
  • Free website and excellent free web hosting
  • Free trainings available


  • Website on sub-domain
  • Customer support is limited
  • 1 on 1 mentorship is only available for Premium members

10. Tumblr


Tumblr is extremely useful for sharing posts related to technology, science and more. Affiliate marketers promoting affiliate links for science and technology on Tumblr is best suited.

On this platform you can easily share your article and also learn a lot from it. As it has the monthly traffic of 288 million, surely it is a place to promote your article or content with your affiliate links in it.


  • Free to post
  • Variety of post options
  • Connecting communities


  • Hard to get trigger words
  • Less customization option
  • No detail on engagement statics


linked in Free affiliate Platform

LinkedIn is a social networking site that mainly focuses on professional networking and Career development. Therefore it can be a place where you can promote affiliate products for career development.

Here you can create your professional profile and you can get job or sale a service on which you can generate money.

LinkedIn allows you to publish article which users read and if they get interested you can generate traffic to website or generate sale.

Also if you have your own website then you can share your article directly on this platform. As this is an especially for professionals, please do consider about the niche of article you are working on.


  • Absolutely Free to post and create content
  • Easy to connect with professionals
  • Can promote and sale services


  • Hard to get desired results
  • Best for getting jobs
  • Don’t have wider affiliate promotion categories

12. Joomla

joomlaFree affiliate Platform

Joomla is a free and open-source Content Management System that offers useful tools, great extensions, and powerful designing flexibility.

This is another free platform to promote articles and content. It is one of the top class CMS available on the market. This platform provides advanced mode of designing that helps a creator to look like a professional.

To lunch Joomla you can go to and make a free affiliate marketing website.


  • Great for Beginners
  • SEO friendly
  • Great for e-commerce affiliate marketing


  • Complex than WordPress
  • Less Free Joomla extension
  • Less free Joomla templates

13. Substack

Free affiliate Platform substack

Substack is completely free of cost; you can publish your article along with text and audio without any costs for storage. You can use this platform for email newsletter to generate sales.

Here the question arise how I can promote here and the answer will be; content creators or affiliate marketers use an email subscription newsletter to convert their subscribers into paying customers.


  • Easy Discoverability
  • Optimized for email leads
  • Optimized money making strategy


  • Few design options
  • Less number of search engine optimization


spacesquare Free affiliate Platform

Squarespace is ideally used to create professional creative websites. It consists of best quality design which is perfect for blogging, photography and it comes with incredible sales tool for online business.

It has the rating of 4.7 out 5 in a research. Also it has the monthly traffic of more than 23 million. Thus choosing this platform for free affiliate marketing promotion could be a good idea.


  • Eye catching stunning templates
  • Excellent marketing features with email and social support
  • Awesome support


  • Does not provide full customization
  • Data may loss (no auto save function available)
  • Paid plan is better


site123 Free affiliate Platform

Welcome to the by far easiest free website builder available on the market. Site123 offers two plans for website creation which includes a free and a paid or premium version.

It is free and easy to use website builder so you can create your content easily.


  • Free Plan
  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual


  • Pain plans are expensive
  • Design restrictions


Hope you like this article! These are the 15 best free platforms to start affiliate marketing for free. I hope you have gained some knowledge through this article. Read out again if you do have confusion about these platforms.

I personally myself use most of the platforms in order to promote affiliate links through article writing and content creation.

Let me make you clear all these platforms acts as a supplement and boosters to your content. And some of the platforms limit you for more content creation which is not good for the long run.

If you are in it to win it with affiliate marketing you should consider getting your own domain name and hosting for longer run. Checkout BLUEHOST reviews 2022 here or visit BLUEHOST web hosting directly here.

As Zackarka is all about digital marketing, online business and Make money online; so I insist you to join our newsletter to get more knowledge about these topics.

Also don’t forget to comment your queries and share this article with your friends to provide knowledge and information.


SEO Services Primelis

Are you looking for SEO service? Here is one of the best SEO service provider Primelis. Primelis is a paid and premium SEO agency specialized in Search Marketing and Social Ads. Indeed Primelis is one of the leading SEO services Provider. As, they claims to have 1.5 billion plus sales lead generator with the revenue of over 1billion dollar.

seo company primelis

SEO services Primelis has some proven methods surely to rank on the Google to get valuable traffic on the website. It is one of the best SEO service providers in the field of Digital Marketing. Currently SEO service Primelis is working with 200 active clients which are managed by 70 dedicated experts.

It has the wide range for the customers willing to get SEO service form this company. They have categorized their services on website marketing, youtube marketing, website SEO, product marketing and general advertising.

As you know that, SEO plays greater role for a website to be on the 1st page of Google. So if you have your website up and running, you might plan to choose SEO service of Primelis. It might be best option for you to choose SEO Company Primelis.

SEO Services Primelis:

Seo company primelis

This SEO Company Primelis has the goal of strengthening the online brand presence and create strong online sales channels for your company. SEO, SEM, SOCIAL and DISPLAY are 4 major strategies to get out the most of the result.  

A team will be specially assigned to your project where the main strategy will be to promote your business organically. Getting your business on the top of Google’s visibility is not easy however this becomes main goal for the SEO Company Primelis.

SEM helps to optimize the search campaigns performance that helps to maximize the coverage of your website in order to maintain your profitability.

Social media has become prime source for some of the websites. As they maintain a healthy social profiles that helps to amplify your audience.

Display is the furthermost important and best way to attract audience to your website. So, SEO Company Primelis helps to optimize your display with proper goal and benefit.

SEO Services Primelis Customers:

At Primelis they believe on equality, they work with customers that go from small startups and local retailers to publicly and well known traded companies. They say it does not matter whether you are familiar with the term SEO or Digital marketing, they will serve you the SEO services Primelis at their best.

Some of the famous companies they have been working with are Aircaraibes, Allianz, American Express, Certina, Cheerz, Edenred, Fitness Park, Just eat, Qonto, Rakuten, Salesforse, TomTom and a lot more.

SEO Services Primelis Team:

SEO Company Primelis have one of the best technical support and a team with excellent knowledge of website search engine optimization. Currently there are 70 dedicated experts working as a team.

They have built a strategic technique where they assure you to get result on short period of time. This team is dedicated and in fact works harder for the customers to provide desired results.

Once you are on the hand of Primelis you do not need to worry about the strategy to work on. They provide best and unique experience of website SEO to their customers.

Their live working standard and strategy is unique, they believe to do business on the real world. SEO with Primelis is like building trust with consistency, as they like to show result rather than just to bargain like SEO Company.

SEO Services Primelis Pricing:

You will be amazed hearing that SEO services for Primelis are not declared. However most of the other companies fix their price on the basis of Backlink generated. But Primelis is a kind of company that works on the basis of needs and demand of the website.

This company asks the customer the need whether it is link building or ranking on the Google or other certain purpose. After the discussion, the price is fixed for the service. The way of fixing the price results on low-cost for the customer.

A question is often asked,” Is Primelis Cheaper?”.  Indeed, Primelis is cheaper on comparison to other SEO companies.

Primelis is famous for the website SEO. Once a customer signs up for any service they organize a separate dedicated team for the website to work on.

Now the team will analyze the website and list out the needs to work. A powerful SEO strategy can generate thousands of traffic with less effort and that’s what Primelis do. The team assigned is skilled, they can make your website user-friendly and publish unique niche based article to get initial traffic.

The customer support service is also excellent, where they provide 24/7 online customer support. You can ask anything related to your website which might be the progress or any other SEO related queries.

As soon as the SEO with Primelis is done, you can find your website easily ranking on the top of Google search. And this will be all possible only with SEO service Primelis.

How to use Primelis?

On the market of SEO service, some bigger names pop when you search for “Website SEO” on the Google but Primelis is one of their kinds. They outstand and provide some awesome SEO tactics that outranks most of the big players like Wikipedia and more.

Primelis also provides Marketing service along with SEO service you can choose that if you like to get more traffic.

People who are new to SEO might get confused about the SEO companies outstanding their and which one to choose. SEO services Primelis is one of the best SEO service provider for the beginners and also it is cheaper than others. If you are publishing good content and not getting result that may be because of SEO. As SEO is a simple strategy for website rankings to get more traffic on your websites organically.

Approaching Pimelis SEO Company is easy; you can directly go to Google and search for Primelis. After that click on the official website of Primelis and checkout the services tab.

Once you browse the services check out the services you need. Click on the SEO services to go to next page. A form will appear and you need to fill the form with right information about your website. The information you provide about your website is crucial, so you better provide right and suitable information.

After filling the form, Primelis team will reach you out in next 10-15 minutes, they will provide all the information about the project, time required cost and team ideas. You can yourself analyze Primelis offer and decide whether you are proceeding for it or leaving the offer.


On the current scenario SEO services Prilemis has shown excellent result which means they can easily rank on the front page of Google. There is no doubt to utilize their service once for the newly started website.

If you are new to SEO, Blogging, Hosting and making money online with affiliate marketing consider subscribing to our email list down below. Here you will get information about all these on regular basis.

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Taboola teams with Microsoft

Taboola, a content delivery company, is launching an audience network for advertisers in order to put native ads on the open web to monetize their content.

Why it matters?

Extending audience network of firms like facbook, Amazon, Google and Spotify was hard but they have extended their advertising by reaching to larger audience. These firms are dominating Social Medias, ecommerce, search engines and audio libraries.

 Being a competition to these dominating companies Taboola also wants to grow audience and reach people outside the bigger platforms.

Taboola Microsoft Merger View:

  • “Taboola basically tends to extend the advertiser’s reach beyond publishers to huge number of places and platforms like search engines, social networks, display and whatever that brings value to their advertiser’s,” said by Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola. The concept to grow Taboola with Microsoft is comparatively similar to the Amazon, Google and Facebook’s strategy.

Details: Taboola is pleased in teaming with Microsoft to provide real time service that allows advertisers to bid for an ad inventory across larger platforms around the internet- however these contents will be highly accessible via any of the web browsers, can be linked easily and no login required.

  • The two companies have already signed an agreement for the revenue share, thus the relationship has started. The present deal between these companies lasts through 2024.
  • “This is going to be a growth diver for both of us,” said Singolda. Miscosoft being mentor to Taboola has helped in every means of designing and achievement.
  • They have managed to gain relationship with more thatn 14,000 advertiser and 9,000 publishers in order to grow the audience network. Singolda also said about their future plan; a new service which they have been working for more than three years.

The Wider View

  • Recently they managed to hold a open web ecommerce company called Connexity which surely will help to fuel up the audience network.
  • The company has made up plans to bring revenue goal of roughly $1.4 billion this year.

The Core View

The media, tech and advertising companies are seeing opportunities on the open web, such as Google and Facebook to dominate the online distribution of digital ads.

Some FAQ for Taboola:

What does the company Taboola do?

Taboola is native advertising company; their intent is to provide or serve right things to the online users based on a person’s interests. The company provides the desired content for the users tailoring along the advertising and marketing recommendations which users may like too.

Is Taboola Free to use?

No, it is not free. You will have to pay for the campaigns you will be running. Based on your ads niche you will be charged for CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per mill). Whereas you will be charged if and only if someone clicks on your ads as a part of campaign.

Are you looking to Make Money Online with Ads ?

Like Taboola native advertising company there are huge number of advertising company available. Taboola is considered as one of the competitive of Google Adsense. Here is a complete 30 Best Google Adsense Alternatives you can apply for you Blog.

Poshmark Affiliate Program: Fashion Affiliate

Do you wish to make money with Poshmark Affiliate Program? You might have curiosity what Poshmark  is all about. How can I make money with this? Here is what you need to know in order to make money with this affiliate program.

Poshmark is platform where you can buy and sell fashion; discover home decor, beauty products and a lot more. So, if you are in niche of fashion this program indeed is for you. Let’s break down from joining step to money making step.

Affiliate Marketing Introduction:

Affiliate Marketing can be introduced as making money by generating commissions on others Product. Basically getting commission by promoting products or services on behalf of the owner or the company is called as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both the advertisers and publishers, as both of them make money by outreaching the product or service to people. The process of affiliate marketing is simple and easy where you will get a unique affiliate link to promote in front of your audience. 

There are numerous promotional methods available such as by creating Blog, Youtube, Social Media and a lot more. Affiliate marketing is easy but don’t take it lightly as the terms and conditions affiliate program varies from company to company.

For Example:

Homary Affiliate program does not require any prior audience to get accepted where as Canva affiliate program requires large number of audience being on a niche of Designing.

What is Poshmark Affiliate Program?

Poshmark is one of the leading platforms on the market of Fashion since 2011. Poshmark provides huge opportunities to buy, sell, and discover fashion, home decor, beauty, and more. About 90 percent of people shop online which makes Poshmark a huge and great market to be as an affiliate.

Poshmark affiliate program mainly focuses for Poshmark ambassadors and social media influencers. They believe in easy marketing strategy that makes money from the beginning of the affiliate promotion. Simply they have to promote the affiliate links of various products on their platform.

Promoters can easily promote on the platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and more. Affiliate promoters mostly make money by promoting products but it is not the only way to make money from Poshmark. However they run various campaigns and events which you can access easily.

Requirements to join Poshmark Affiliate Program

It is considerably easy to join affiliate program of Poshmark. However they have 2 minimum requirements either to be fulfilled by the publisher. You must fall in these requirements to be part of Posh.

  • A Poshmark Ambassador
  • A Social Media Influencer who has connected 1 or more social accounts to Poshmark that must have at least 5,000 followers either on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram.

This is so simple and easy, as they claim all you need is to connect your social media accounts and hold back they will be in touch in short period of time.

How to get connected with Poshmark?

In order to access the affiliate dashboard you must pass the requirements. Poshmark checks whether a publisher is an Ambassador or social media influencer with 5,000 followers. So in order to verify you have to connect your social media accounts on Poshmark profile.

You have to sign up with Poshmark if not get sign up first. Once you sign up, log in to your profile and move to the next step.

  1. Click to “Accosunt Setting”
  2. Go to “Sharing Setting”
  3. Tap to “Connect”
  4. Click on “Add Social Media”

Now you will be able to connect your desired social media account i.e Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram. Before you add your social media accounts, make sure to read and understand their terms and condition.

It is minatory to check the terms and condition, as they might access some of the features which you might not like. For instance: If you accept the “sharing setting “, a pop up generates and asks a permission to allow Poshmark to save pins and create boards on your Pintrest profile.

Another example which may be little uncomfortable for twitter users is it asks to share a post on your twitter profile regarding Poshmark.

Still there is way where you can keep all of your social media accounts under your control. You may opt to connect social media accounts Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook and show the most active audience of your platform. Here Poshmark does not acquire information to post on social media channels but still you have to verify the number of followers on your profile.

Requirements to be Poshmark Ambassador

This is another way to join Poshmark affiliate Program which does not require large audience. If you are so desperate to promote the Poshmark products, you can be their Ambassador. There are certain requirements to be Posh Ambassador. Here are its requirements,

  • You have to share at least of 5,000 items from other Posher’s closets
  • You must share at least 5,000 times on your belonging community
  • Generate Sells of at least 15 times
  • Create your own closet with at least 50 available items
  • Get average rating of 4.5 stars
  • Product shipment within 3 days
  • Share at least 1 Love note for another Posh affiliate Publisher

Being an Ambassador at Poshmark itself is achievement as you can have insider view for active programs and campaigns. Apart from generating commissions from sales you will be able to access their latest money making campaigns. You will be invited through news letter and also can have visibility to the new Poshers!

You can utilize these campaigns and active programs for exclusive benefits. Nevertheless it will be win-win situation as you can generate more sells and get more commissions.

How Poshmark Affiliate Program Works?

The main theme of affiliate marketing is to put others product or program towards your audience and generate a commission over and over again. This is how Poshmark affiliate program also works where you will get a custom tracking link on your post to share.

Once a user clicks, signs-up and purchase through your link you will start earning money. Earning money or lots of money totally depends on the amount of traffic you send to the Poshmark that converts according to the affiliate terms and condition.

Custom affiliate link works on the basis of cookie duration; different programs have different cookie duration. In general the cookie duration means; either sale is generated instantly or within 30 days you will get commission.

To achieve commission sales must be generated within a month or validity of the cookie will expire after a month. For example if a campaign starts on 1st January then it will end on 30th January.

Campaigns may be of different types such as CPA (Click Per Action), generate sales, email submit and more. However Poshmark also do run these types of campaigns time to time and you can take advantage out of it.

Poshmark Affiliate Program Payout System

Poshmark affiliate program have a credit earning system known as Poshmark Credit. Once you run your campaign you will earn these credits on the basis of campaigns you are running which may vary. The way these credits work is by the successful submission and the credits are credited to your PM account within 3 to 5 business days.

You can utilize these Poshmark Credits on two ways.

  1. Poshmark Credit: It is virtual money where you are able to purchase Poshmark products with Posh credits as real money.
  2. Credit Bank Transfer: If you are not a type of shopping person! Indeed you can opt to deposit to your desired bank account. You can choose “Direct Deposit” on the “Account tab”.

Strength and Weakness of Poshmark Affiliate Program

It is pretty easy to generate some extra money with Poshmark by joining its affiliate program. However this program is not for everyone; surely it is for a person belonging to the fashion niche. Most of the time generating sales becomes the prior problem because of the niche.

For example: This website is mostly about the Affiliate programs, Domain and Hosting, and Make money online. So, selling fashion products on this website will be pretty hard or may be impossible.

Pros of Posh Affiliate Program:

  • Extra Income:

Some extra cash is always good to have, I believe everyone likes to make money just sharing and relaxing. Poshmark lets you to make $10 every month by engaging you while promoting their products.

  • Great Offers:

As Poshmark runs exclusive programs and campaigns to engage more and more you can easily broaden the brand awareness to your community. Apart from this you get chance to meet newer Poshers so you can get along.

  • Easy and Simple:

There is no better way to earn money just by sharing products attaching your affiliate links. This makes Poshmark simplest and easiest way for side hustle money. You can start as a side hustle after then you can make full time job or work if you like.

Cons of Poshmark Affiliate Program

Despite of all the advantage this affiliate program has there will be always some cons for the Poshers. Before making mind to join this program please do read below whether this program will be worth to you or not.

  • Privacy of Personal Data

As I have mentioned earlier to read terms and condition before signing up the program because anytime you allow Poshmark to access social media, you also allow your personal data too. They gather information for research and strategies. Although they say these information’s are confidential; this is how the personal data are hacked, breached or leaked.

  • Taxes

You have to pay taxes for the commissions you have generated according to the government law. This applies both for the resident of US and resident Outside US. You can monitor the earnings and calculate the annual taxes yourself. So, do not misunderstand for commission cut off; those are for taxes.

  • Less Commission

The commission rates of Poshmark affiliate program is considerably lower which makes harder if you are thinking to make living with it. Depending on the campaign, reach and engagement most likely you can have $10 from Poshmark affiliate Program. Social media influencer with large number of followers can make efficient money with no doubt. But for the Posher with less followers, this program does not pay much.

Programs like Poshmark you can join:

Levi’s Affiliate Program:

Levi’s has one of the best affiliate programs in the market of Fashion where they sell jeans, jackets and clothing for men, women and kids. They is famous because of their branded products which you can utilize to make money. Levi’s is partnered with Impact radius. So, to join Levi’s affiliate program you have to go through Impact radius.

Express Affiliate Program:

Aliexpress has one of the finest affiliate programs available. There is no restriction by country as express service is available all over the world. Express affiliate claims that they have paid out $100,000 per month for affiliate publisher. So, this becomes high paying affiliate programs but easy to join. You can try this too.

H&M Affiliate Program:

This is another affiliate program available for the marketers belonging to fashion niche. This might be your shopping destination for fashion online. H&M offers fashion and quality at best price in a more sustainable way. This affiliate program is available worldwide.


I believe there is always some bigger fish on the market but smaller fish can do great too. This means if you are just starting to with less number of followers you still can make it with right market and keyword.

Poshmark does not guarantee you a sale but it can help you more for the visibility and brand awareness wherever you share on your social media account. But you are not limited to social media accounts; you can create yourself a store where you can sell more products.

Nothing is guaranteed and permanent but you can give shot. You can buy Domain name and Hosting and create a website like me. You can share your ideas, views and create store to direct sale. This way you can generate more sales and also the process will be sustainable.

Check out How to start a blog and make money online?

Canva affiliate: Full Guide to Join Canva Affiliate

Welcome!!! to the ultimate guide to join affiliate network of Canva. As you know Canva is a free graphic design platform where you can design business cards, instagram posts, video thumbnails and more.

Canva has authorized there affiliate through Impact. Impact is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform; it provides wide range of companies to be partner and make money being an affiliate. So, to be an affiliate of Canva you have to go through Impact.      

You can follow these 3 simple steps to make money with Canva affiliate.

  1. Register as affiliate
  2. Promote Canva Pro
  3. Make money

 It seems pretty easy right! So let’s break down these 3 simple steps to make money with Canva affiliate.

How to register as Affiliate?

The first step is to join the Impact affiliate marketing platform. Impact has dual mode affiliate Partners where you can be partner as a company (for Brands) or as a creator (publisher). To get started you have to visit

You can now choose whether to sign up as a Brand or as a Creator (choice is yours).  

For creators like me, choose sign up as a partner. Signing up to impact requires detail personal information, payment information, social media profiles and ways of promotion. You will see same as below, fill up the required fields and submit the sign up form.

If you are resident of USA you have to fill W9 form and if you are resident outside USA you have to dill W8BEN form for tax purpose.

The work is not done yet! Impact takes a bit of time (3 business days) for approval. However signing up is easy but you should not think it as a simple form submission. Moreover you can expect a phone call for the proper verification of the information you provided and to learn the methods of promotion.

Before you get approval from Impact you will be able to visit the marketplace and bookmark other affiliate merchant providers. Bookmarking the affiliate program does help you to get easy access for processing.

Entry Barrier to get accepted:

Do I require huge audience to get accepted for Impact?

Clearly they have not mentioned any audience amount, but rank on Alexa, Moz Domain Authority and large audience are more likely to get approved with ease. Whereas getting approved by affiliate merchant may be a problem because of smaller audience or by certain circumstances.  

Once you are approved by Impact, you are able to apply for Canva affiliate. This is all about singing up to Impact; let’s roll back to the Canva affiliate program approval.

Requirements to get fit for Canva affiliate:

  • Design influencer: If you are blogger or a content creator in a niche of Designing, you are the best fit.
  • Design educator: You are also the best fit if you teach designing online.
  • Large Audience: Anything form stock photos to fonts; related to designing with more than 1 million monthly visits are in it to get Canva affiliate program.

Let’s hope you got approved for Canva affiliate by surpassing the minimum requirements of it. Now you can get login link to Canva Pro affiliate from the Impact dashboard. If you are approved and don’t know your login credentials you can email at .

Payment Setup:

Additionally you have to set up your payment preferences. It can be done simply by adding your correct bank account information and choosing the currency to be get paid. Also you have to choose the amount threshold to get paid.

Canva do have monthly payment method but it is not recommended because the threshold of monthly payment might not be fulfilled sometimes.

Canva Affiliate Dashboard:

The first look of the dashboard might fear you, take a deep breath and get along with all the available tabs.

You will get options to hang out with the contract terms, ads to promote and visual overview of tracking link performance. Even you can check out your reports whether the links are performing or not.

Before you see performance you have to get the promotional link and get to your audience.

You can create your affiliate link easily by choosing the Canva option. There are lots of promotional ways available on Canva Pro such as deep linking, select ads on navigation bar, custom code, landing page and more. This is a easy task you don’t have to worry about it.

After setting all this up; now let’s head towards step 2 of promoting Canva Pro. Canva affiliate themselves provide huge assets and option to promote.

Some of the creative assets to promote them are:

  • Custom ad templates: These ads type are of standard type where you can promote to your Facebook or Instagram. Also to mention that you can customize them too according to your need.
  • Videos: You will get dynamic high engaging creative videos so that you can share to get attration towards your affiliate.
  • Text links: These are basically the hyperlinks you can embed into unique article or content on your blog. It is also called deep linking.
  • Banner Ads: Canva has the best banner ads for blog and website. As they are of universal standard, it is easy to use and upload to the side-bar of any websites to get converted.

Despite no limit of promotion you must keep some questions on mind before promoting to different platforms.

Are Canva pro features relevant to your community?

Based on the community you have developed for yourself you must have to express the benefits that your audience could have with Canva affiliate.

Can Canva help your audience?

This is one of the most relevant question you should ask yourself before promoting Canva Pro; as you should surely provide value and help to your audience.

As an example, being on the same industry of designing Figma is mostly used by Web developers where they can create layers to work with which is not included on Canva.  Check out difference between Canva and Figma.

What platform are you using to promote Canva Pro?

Different platform has different resolution of image and videos. As for example Instagram post uses portrait mode of 1080px *1035px whereas Facebook post uses 940px*788px. So the different platform need different configuration.

Let me feel you a bit relaxed, if you a beginner no need to worry; you can contact for support 24/7 for solution you need.

This is the last and final step to make money with canva affiliate program.

How much money does Canva affiliate make?

They claim to provide up to $36 for each new Canva pro subscriber. The new user must sign up through your affiliate link to get commissions. Canva has 30 days cookie policy which means a new user must subscribe for Canva pro within 30 days.

Also Canva do have monthly subscription Fee where an affiliate can get up to 80% commission under 1 or 2 month monthly subscription whereas 25% commission on yearly subscription.

Once you sell Canva Pro to new users you can easily cash out money. Indeed Canva have flexible payment methods where you can easily get paid via PayPal or e-transfer once a month.

Here comes the best part now you can easily visit your dashboard to see total monthly income and performance of your links.  

 This is how you can get affiliate for Canva.

My overview:

Canva affiliate is one of the high ticket affiliate program where you can get handsome amount of money per sale or commission. But Canva community has made standard to provide value on the market which might not be possible for the smaller content creator. Mostly a company selects an affiliate to get benefit for both sides.

The minimum requirements for Canva let worry content creators because larger audience wants to promote Canva affiliate. So it is better to apply after having some results on other affiliate programs or with larger audience.

Sometimes getting approval for Impact gets hefty but don’t worry they will provide the reason of declining. So, you can overcome the reason and apply again with better and stronger profile to get approved.

If you are newbie in the market of affiliate marketing or planning to make living with affiliate marketing, you are on the right place to learn and make money with me. Here is the complete guide how to setup a blog and make money?

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Canva Vs Figma

Designing is an Art. There are various famous graphic designing software’s available. However we are here to discuss about Canva vs Figma. Which one to choose?

A stat shows 60 million monthly active users of Canva whereas Figma has overall 1 million active users. This shows which one is the most famous. Though Canva is much famous than Figma, it has its demand according to its need and complexity.  

canva vs figma
Canva vs Figma

Few years ago designing was done by only professionals where they learn and implement their creativity. There were fewer editing and designing options. So to produce a good design an individual have to spend a lot of time and energy to learn and create a design.

There were fewer artists available which makes harder for the interested individual to create on their own graphics design. Because of high demand for the designers small businesses were out for dry by the bigger organizations.

Getting back to present, there are countless number of designing software’s available which can be used offline and online as well. Tools such Canva, Figma and sketch can be used online whereas software like Photoshop, Blender and more can be used offline.

Now a day, for an individual or smaller businesses designing is not a dream anymore. Huge numbers of built-in templates, info-graphics, website design, posters, business card and banners are available so that non-professionals or an individual can use to make meaningful design.

Personally I have used both Canva and Figma for my projects. Let’s go through what I have learnt using these tools.

Canva vs Figma

Figma Dashboard

Before we start comparing them, I would like to say they are not competitors. Being on a same industry of designing they are poles apart. While Canva is a free graphic design platform such as Figma is a digital designing and prototyping tool. People use Canva for making invitations, business cards, Instagram posts, logos, videos and more considering that Figma is used to create websites, apps, or smaller interface components that can be integrated into projects

Canva Vs Figma Usability

Canva is extremely easy tool. Figma is hard for beginners. Canva has an easy interface so that even a non-professional or beginners can understand and use easily whereas Figma has sophisticated interface that is harder for the beginners.

Canva provides ready-made templates to design with built-in resolutions but Figma doesn’t provide many templates to work on.

Figma has released few templates to work but mostly Figma is a clean sheet to work for your design. You have to create your every element on your own. It has one benefit where you can import pictures, images, and elements from sites such as Freepik, Unsplash, Pixabay, Font Awesome and others.

The main difference between Canva and Figma is; the usability purpose where Figma is suited for professionals who have to take care the minor details on their design whereas Canva can be used by professionals, non-professionals, creator, and editor, basically everybody.  

Canva vs Figma Integration

Figma has won the competition of Plugin integration as Figma consist whole different page for Plugins. There are lots of benefits for the plugins integration as it provides aid and more value working with a team or importing resources from integrated websites.

In comparison to Figma; Canva falls behind as it lacks plugin advantage. Indeed Canva provide few plugin integration options like Canva for WordPress but it can’t provide benefits up to the mark.

Both of them provide simple and easy integration on websites. While using figma you can connect with various users and community members to get more ideas and improve the productivity.

Another benefit with Figma is Figma chat, which allows the user to send text that interacts the user working on the same file or same frames whereas Canva does not provide such feature.

This comparison completely makes Figma a professional tool. It’s a loss for Canva but don’t make up your mind yet! A lot more comparison is remaining to choose a winner.

Canva vs Figma Templates

People love Canva more than Figma because of their templates. Designer does not have to start their design from a scratch as they can choose pre built template that saves a ton of time, effort, money and frustration.

Canva provides dual designing option either you can choose a blank document or a template to work. You don’t need to worry if you have started with a blank document their left panel is always there to help. You can access different backgrounds, design elements, GIFS, images (free or paid) and even you can upload on your own.

Canva vs Figma Layers

As we have mentioned earlier Figma is mostly used by professionals, Figma users love to work with their “Layers”. Figma is compared to Adobe Photoshop but most users say it is less complicated.

You can create multiple layers and play with it (group them, push up and push down the layers) at your leisure. A designer feels privileged while working with lots of layers, such as Canva lacks in terms of layer management.

Canva vs figma Best Usecase

Canva is famous for a small business creator or for personal creation like thumbnail for Youtube, Pintrest, Facebook videos and images.

Web Developer loves Figma. They can easily create an algorithm prototype for a website and present to their team for better purpose. Developer can easily create, modify and replace the layers using the framework provided by figma. Figma is introducing new features to attract more users; recently they have improved their presentation mode by disabling the footer section.

Canva vs Figma Plans and Pricing

Both the platform provides free as well as a paid version. For a small creator you can use free version at your best.

Canva Plans and Pricing

Canva Pro: $119.99 per year


  • 100+ million premium stock footage
  • 610,000+ premium and free templates
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • Background remover and resize design

Canva Enterprise: $30.00 per month (Group of 25 People)


  • Team Uploads
  • Unlimited storage
  • 24/7 Enterprise-level support
  • Single-sign on (SSO)

Figma Plans and Pricing

Figma Professional: $12 per editor per month billed annually


  • Unlimited Figma files
  • Sharing Permissions
  • Team libraries
  • Audio conversions

NOTE: Free for students and educators

Figma Organization: $45 per editor per month only billed annually


  • Org-wide libraries
  • Design system analytics
  • Private plugins
  • Branching and merging

Figma Enterprise: $75 per Figma edito per month & $5 per Figjam editor per month only billed annually

It is best for advanced security and flexible controls.

My overview:

It was pretty hard to compare these two designer platform as it seems comparing 50 over match (ODI) and T20 cricket. Both of them have different value and serve different purpose even they belong to same industry.

I suggest to try both the platform yourself to determine which will suit you to determine yourself the winner. My honest opinion is; I use both. For simple thumbnail designing of my website without any difficulty I use Canva and to design the outlay of my page and overview I use Figma.

Here, I personally develop my website. If you wish to start your own Blog you can start by buying Domain and hosting here.

Note: Some links on this website may generate Revenue to Us!!!  


Are you having difficulty on choosing whether Avast or Let’s discuss about Avast vs deeply.

In this article, I’ll discuss about the various aspects so you can choose the right antivirus between “AVAST VS IOLO.COM”.

Avast vs

In this digital age, people are seeking to protect their computer from viruses like Ransomware, Trojans, Worms and some of nasty spyware.

Luckily! There are great products available to protect your computer which can easily catch and eliminate malwares if detected.

On comparison AVAST VS IOLO.COM antivirus, which one will dominate and comes out on top? Let’s have complete analysis on the basis of their features, price, security, compatibility, malware detection and more.

General Comparison AVAST VS IOLO.COM

Rating Score9.17.5
ThemeFree and Premimum antivirus for android, Pcs with Windows Mac and LinuxBest Effective for threats like spyware, adware, malware and less awkward injections.
PROSFree versionAutomatic Regular ScanningPassword ManagementSpyware ProtectionMalware Clean UpUnlimited Access
CONSExpensive Paid planLimited scanning categories on free planExpensive for advanced featuresNo Mac Protection
CUSTOMER SUPPORTEmails and Phone call support on business hoursInternational phone customer service

Operating System Comparison AVAST VS IOLO.COM

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows VIsta
Windows XP
Windows 2000X
Mac OS xX


Advance FirewallXX
Blocks 250,000,000+ daily threatsXX
Browser ManagerXX
Disk CleanerXX
Hard Drive AcceleratorXX
Mobile security(Android & ios)X
Password managerXX
PC optimization toolsXX
Pc Tune-upXX
Secures privacy on social mediaXX
Start-up GuardXX
Supports Pc
System BoosterXX
Virus Removal
Real-time protection
Email protectionX
Wifi protectionXX
Parental controlXX
Identity protectionXX
Support MacX

AVAST VS IOLO.COM Plans and Pricing


PlansFree3yr Protection 1PC3yr Protection 1PC-Premium3yr protection 3PC Premium3yr Protection 10 PC
Price Per YearFree$79.99$139.99$179.99$279.99
License DurationUnlimited3years3 years3years3years
No. of computers111310


PlansSystem ShieldPhoenix 360
Price Per Year$31.96$63.96
License DurationUnlimitedUnlimited
No. of ComputersUnlimitedUnlimited

Above presented table shows the general outline comparison of AVAST vs IOLO.COM, lets dive deeply to analyze the full functionality and it’s working.

Avast Overview:

Avast vs

Avast is a free award winning antivirus for PC, Mac and Android. Over 435 million users have used Avast antivirus till now. Both Free and Premium plans are available for Avast antivirus.

It was established in 1988 at the Czach Republic as a cooperative for the first time that provides fully free antivirus software with two commercial antivirus packages naming Avast and AVG.

Currently, it is one of the leading antiviruses available on the market. Its wide range of coverage towards viruses makes this antivirus suitable for the users to take advantage of.

Features of Free Version:

  • Protection from Ransomware
  • Hack warnings for possible password violations
  • Their Wi-Fi inspector informs the possible harmful devices on the network
  • Automatic scanning suggests possible ways to improve system performance
  • It’s statistic tab shows the numbers of file scanned and the number of threats quarantined
  • Don’t trouble mode enables a feature that prevents pop-ups from 3rd party applications while you are playing a game or watching a movie
  • It has the feature for rescue disk for a system that enables a restoration incase of virus infection
  • Manual software updating system
  • A feature that helps to prevent hackers from using your email address to send fake emails from your account

Features of Premium Version:

  • Real website protection against fraudulent
  • The Avast firewall is much advanced than the built-in Windows firewall
  • Password protection
  • Sensitive Data protection
  • A webcam shield that prevents hackers from spying via the camera of your PC
  • A potential blockage to unwanted connection towards your PC
  • Private protected system environment for a suspicious files in order to get knowledge about threat level

Avast Premium Security:

You can enjoy the Avast premium security for 30 and 60 days, without credit card and with credit card information respectively.

Avast charges $39.99 for first year and $69.99 afterwards for single device. For ten devices they charge $49.99 for the first year and $89.99 afterwards.

Avast Ultimate Security

It is available for all the devices such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. You will get three extra standalone features (Avast Secureline VPN, Avast Cleanup Premium, Avast AntiTrack) along with the features of Premium security. These features helps to become more secure, optimized with great performance. Antitrack feature prevents from being tracked by various websites that might track personal data.

Avast charges $59.99 for first year and $99.99 afterwards for single device. For ten devices they charge $69.99 for the first year and $119.99 afterwards.

Avast Omni Security

Avast omni security is an advanced home security that provides secure browsing for the devices connected on the Wi-Fi network. Along with the basic antivirus protection it contains parental control specially designed for kid’s protection.

For this security Avast charges $99.99 per year on a normal basis, but it might get reduced occasionally.

Pros and Cons of Avast Antivirus


  • Free feature ( You don’t have to pay a penny to use it)
  • Comes with great useful features
  • Performs well in independent lab tests
  • Easy download and simple navigation


  • It costs extra for advanced features
  • Paid plans are really expensive
  •  Leaks on user data by the company in the past


Avast has ranked on the 8th position for Best Antivirus Software of 2021.

Avast has ranked on the 6th position for Best Mac Antivirus Software of 2021.

IOLO Overview

Avast vs

IOLO is 8 times PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award winner for system mechanic (PC Cleaner). It provides products to optimize and protect your PC.  You can download free PC health checker that helps you to boost your speed, stability, and security.


  • It safeguards your PC with real-time antivirus protection
  • Speed up and boost the system mechanic
  • Artificial Intelligence helps to detect newest malware threats
  • Military grade drive wiping technology helps to recycle old PCs
  • Recovers irreplaceable photos, videos and a lot more
  • Take cares of hogging bloatware that slows down your PC

IOLO provides 3 types of paid plan features as System Mechanic, System Mechanic Professional, and System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. Each plan differs and has their own benefits using them.

System Mechanic

It has feature that optimize your PC to the Peak level, repair problems and errors and also prevents them from recurring. An automatic system that cleans up at the startup and fixes the dangerous settings which prevents from intruders and attacks.

The Feature costs $49.95 per year. The price may be lesser occasionally. If you buy this now you may save $34.97 and get the product just for $14.99 for a year.

System Mechanic Professional

It has all the features of System mechanic. Additionally, it consist system shield (certified antivirus and antispyware protection that won’t slow down the PC), search and recover functionality that helps to recover files in case deleted accidentally. It securely handles the data from the hard drive.

It costs $69.95 per year. The price may be lesser occasionally; right now you can get this product on $20.99 per year saving $48.97.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

It is the most advanced plan available, as it has additional features like privacy guardian that provides online privacy, ByePass that manages passwords securely and Malware Killer which finds and destroys the existing malware.

Right now it costs $23.99 per year. The actual price is $79.95 as IOLO is running a discount of $47.97 right now.

Pros and Cons of IOLO


  • It enhance performance of your PC
  • Unlimited Access
  • Additional tools are available depending on tires
  • Best PC problem solver


  • Internet boosters have nominal enhancements
  • Built-in tune up tools of Windows 10 is comparable to IOLO PC cleaner


For the better comparison; I have download and tested both antivirus software.  As free version is available you can download and check the free version on your own. But here I am going to talk about Avast vs iolo system Mechanic Pro.

Both the antivirus runs well, both of them are detecting and quarantining each and every file that may harm PC. IOLO is aimed for system optimization but it does even more and detects malware that my surety.

Avast vs iolo have their 2 different interfaces which provide a quick scan system and a deep scan system. As I went for the deep scanning which too an hour and 20 minutes to examine all the files available, comparing with Avast just took twelve minutes to get an average scan.

As Avast and iolo both scan, identified and detect the malware present on the system. Both of them pointed the potential threats only, whereas some of the antivirus marks wrong file as hazardous.

Talking about my CPU usage at the time of deep scanning, it was gradually increased by 15 to 40 % tripling the CPU consumption. The rise on CPU usage substantially slows down the performance of my PC. Also I found out I was unable to use other features during deep scan, so I could enhance the performance.

The quick scan is a lot quicker and takes less than a minute to examine the potential or critical threats. The system C drive is basically the home of malware and other potential threats; iolo has a strong scanning process that detects most of the malware threats. To check out whether iolo did the right job I run the Avast antivirus again and the result socked me, some of the malware were missed by the iolo.

Avast take cares deeply about malware which the iolo has missed.

Spyware and Adware Protection

Creating safer environment I tested whether iolo’s spyware and adware protection would be effective or not. I was glad to see the result as the iolo detects all the malware and adware files that were on the PC.

Most of the antivirus are designed to over look the adware and detects the necessary harmful malware including Microsoft Defender too. As a result recognizing the difference and eliminating them can be a tedious task. But Iolo program provides certainty that safeguards the PC from the dangers on the internet.

System Shield (Real-time Protection):

 The real picture comes here on the play during real-time protection. However, the System Shield protects the PC every time; this runs on the background that continuously protects from the malware, spyware threats. These threats can be generated through the file transfer with a memory-card, pen drive or from the internet download.

As you know that to check real-time protection, I transferred some malware form pen-drive and memory card; luckily both the software performs well and detected the malware. I tried to download some of the harmful files but the real-time protection kicked in and warns not to download the file. Though I intentionally downloaded the file but it got detected and got quarantined.

These features and real-time protection made me feel safer for my PC.


I would recommend you to use free version both Avast and IOLO, so that you can decide on your own. If you want my suggestion I recommend using Avast antivirus as it has covered more sectors and has effective result that IOLO. Here is how our Avast vs ends.

If you find this article useful, you can checkout our other article here.

NOTE: If you purchase via links on our site, we may receive affiliate commissions.

Cheap Stock Footage

Are you a content creator looking for cheap stock footage to maximize the quality of the content? Are you tired of not getting the exact match for your videos?

You are in the right place to get knowledge to find best cheap stock footages available on the market.

Cheap Stock Footage

Also there are huge amount of free stock footage agencies available but somehow they lacks to fulfill the right and match for footage. So, users have to shift for the paid stock footage but some of them may be much expensive.  Cheap Stock Footage doesn’t mean low quality on any way, this means the price is low but the quality of the footage is of HD (high-definition) or even 4K. You can enjoy mixing those up to create a creative and meaningful video or content without spending large chunk of money.

Why Cheap Stock Footage?

Stock footage has its own benefits, as stock footage helps to enhance the content making the quality better and better. People Use Stock Footage Because of:

  • It can be time saver
  • You can tell story without filming yourself using stock footage
  • Stock footage are high-quality and professional
  • You can get expensive footage for free or cheaper
  • Increase in productivity

Are you still wondering where can I get cheap stock footage platform? Let’s dive directly into top cheap stock footage company available to use.

#1) Istock

Istock is one of the greater names around the industry of stock footage. Istock has been on the market for almost 22 years serving stock footage owned by Getty images.

It offers immense collection of stock footage that includes photos, vectors and illustration, and video clips. You can access these stock footages at very affordable price.

It has wide range of video categories like nature, architecture, food and drinks, yoga and more. You can use the same video for any project many times you want. They have the feature that enables you to sort videos by best match, newest and by popularity.

Istock has unique pricing and plan system where they sell stock footage on the basis of credits. Each video is separated according to its exclusivity; thus the price is determined. They charges 6 credits for a single video that is of high quality and has wide range of use.

#2) Shutterstock

Shutterstock has one of the greatest libraries of stock images and videos. It offers more than 19 million video footage clips to work with. Shutterstock amazes most of the users with their wide variety of video collections with different style.

As they offer huge variety of stock footages, they have simplified the searching patterns; you can search the desired clips by length, resolution, frames per second and more. Huge amount of videos are uploaded daily so you can get the latest and newest videos.

Talking about the prices Shutterstock has small footage subscription for smaller content creator just for $99 per month (billed annually), which means you can get a single HD and 4K for $19.80.

You also can get monthly subscription where you will be able to download 10 or 20 stock footage per month, all in HD and 4K. Yearly payment considerably drops down the cost of HD and 4K video to $8.33 per clip.

#3) Videvo

Videovo is another stock footage company that offers free stock videos and motion graphics to use them in any project. These video clips are free of charge which can be used for personal or commercial purpose.

Videvo was launched on 2012, over the years their library has grown much bigger in terms of videos, audios or motion graphics. Videvo offers two premium plans; however their free content library includes 15,000 free video clips and mothin graphics.  If these free clips are insufficient or inappropriate you can choose the plus or pro plan to get the desired videos. Their premium library consists of 85,000 clips and over 100,000 audio clips.

Videvo Plus plan starts from $14.99 per month and only $144 if billed annually. You can download 25 premium videos per month but if you have annual plan, there will be no limitations for download.

Videvo Pro plan begins from $24.99 per month and only $240 if billed annually. You can download 50 premium videos per month and can have unlimited access if billed annually. Videvo Pro plan include premium audio downloads.

Both the plan have money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their service.

#4) Storyblocks

Storyblocks is another cheap stock footage service provider that allows its users to download stock videos, music, and photos without any restriction. All of their files are licensable that means you can use on your own project without getting any copyright strike.

Storyblocks’s library has grown abundantly over the year which consists of 1 million high quality stock videos. Also they have maintained separate marketplace over 2 million stock footage clips from the contributors all over the world.

Storyblocks does not limits on downloads as they have flat rated membership. Under their pricing for cheap stock footage they charge $199 per year for unlimited access to HD, 4K clips and photos. Whereas they charge $349 annually for their plus access that offers unlimited photography, videography and stock music content.

If you are smaller creator who cannot commit for a yearly plan, Storyblocks offers basic plan offering 5 downloads per month at much lower price. Basic plan is best for the beginners.

#5) Adobe Stock

Adobe stock is another cheap stock footage platform to visit for photos, vectors, and illustrations. They allow integration through creative cloud apps which includes over 1 million HD stock videos and over 100,000 4K clips.

They have fancier interface to workout with; as their integration helps you search your desired content on various topics and themes. It becomes life saver if you are using any Adobe’s video editing apps; letting you directly use the clip without quitting the app.

The buying system of this platform is easy and fast. You can directly select and proceed to buy single HD video and 4K video at $79 and $199 respectively.

#6) Motionelements

Motionelements is an Asian based royalty-free marketplace that serves stock footage worldwide. Motionelement is famous for stock animation, video footage, After Effects templates, Apple Motion templates and music as well.

Motionelement provides best videos for commercial purpose. You can get fully localized experience if you are a stock footage buyer.

It has some of the best features that you cannot resist; such as you can use the clips in unlimited projects for lifetime. Also you don’t need to pay extra licensing fee.

It has an unlimited subscription plan for just $16.50 per month billed annually. It has wide variety of payment methods like credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal.

#7) Bigstockphoto

Bigstockphoto offers amazing stock images at affordable prices. They offer free trail before you jump for a paid plan. They offer wide variety where you can choose license types according to the model provided for your projects.

Here you can see most popular, appropriate and latest videos daily. You can search your desired content by keyword or by desired resolution.

Bigstockphoto offers wide range of paid plans where the most flexible plan comes with 50 videos per month that costs only $1.58 per video. The affordable price makes Bigstockphoto as a cheap stock footage provider platform.

Additionally they provide support live chat, phone, or via email.

#8) Pond5

Pond5 is another bigger name on stock footage service provider having the library of over 50 million clips that includes HD, 4K and 4K+ clips. Pond5 supports every creator whether you are filmmaker, podcaster, marketer, or a student that have their own stories to present to their audience.

They offer stock footage on demand, where you can explain the need on the video and they will offer different possibilities. It is so simple to use because the payment works on credit where each credit is equals to a dollar.

They have categorized their pricing plans as:

  • Video : starting at $25
  • Photos: starting at $1
  • Music: starting at $5
  • Sound effects: starting at $2
  • After Effects: Starting at $5
  • 3D : starting at $5

It has one of the cheapest offerings than other stock footage provider.

Note: Apply HELLO20 on your 1st order to save up to 20%.

#9) Videezy

Videezy is another awesome cheap stock footage provider that enables you to browse and download a wide range of videos. It is a community of videographers that offers stock footage to download and share.

Videezy offers their stock videos on the basis of different categories. You can either search by the newest or by the best match. Their stock video library consists of SD, HD (both 720p & 1080p) and 4K resolution videos.

The download process is simple and easy where you can download a video on the basis of credit; mostly single video cost a credit.

Apart from those qualities to download, you can also download video formats in MP4 and MOV file formats.

#10) Flickr

Flicker is basically a community of people that is home for more than 10 billion photos and 2 million groups. You can be both customer and the contributor at the same time. Huge chunk of videos are available where you can store, sort or search videos online for your project.

Here you can start for free and get features to download videos by categories, and also by the camera types. To find the best match for your project you can sort the videos by name, activity, and oldest or newest.

#11) Filmsupply

Filmsupply is stock footage supplier for cinema representing filmmakers from Stink, PreetyBird, Anonymous content and a lot more. They also offer video on demand where you can send the brief concept so that they can search if the clip is present on the library.

Stock videos of filmsupply can be used for commercial and editorial use. Wide variety of video gallery represents numerous themes like winter, summer, joy, love, affection and more.

It s pricing differs from industry to industry, where you can get internal plan for $99 per clip, industrial plan for $199 per clip and also $199 per clip for digital and web.

#12) Artgrid

Artgrid is alternative among all these stock footage provider as this platform specially focuses on high-value, professional stock videos with the highest resolution available. This platform is sourced for filmmakers, aimed to filmmakers and can be used for commercial purpose.

It has the content up to 8K videos with raw clip that you can edit likewise, if you know editing on your own.

They have the pricing of:
Pro Raw/Log : $49 per month ($599 billed annually) Best formats upto 8K

Creator 4K+: $39 per month ($479 Billed annually) Best formats upto 4K and 4K plus

Junior HD: $24 per month ($299 billed annually) Best formats upto HD

This price is comparatively lower than others leading this to one of the cheap stock footage provider company.

#13) Clipstill

Clipstill is onetime payment stock footage provider that provides videos for marketing and web usage. Videos from Clipstill can be utilized for charity and educational purpose.

You can get unlimited access for just $49 for lifetime. But you can only download 5 videos per day. This becomes one of the cheapest stock footage providers in the market.

Being cheapest doesn’t mean that; the videos won’t be up to the mark. Sure it would be with best HD quality.

You can also expect to get more support from the company if you have an issue.


Above presented are the list of top 13 cheap stock footage provider, some of them are extremely cheap and some are relatively. Pricing and plans differs because of the quality and amount of availability of the stock footage content.

Among all these I found Clipstill the cheapest.  If you wish to proceed with any of these listed stock footage company, Please do full research on their website, also you can get support from their customer support page if necessary. Your money is value to you rather than others. So, do full research before having any paid plans.

If you are content creator like me or trying to get involved in making money online with quality videos, article; you can join our newsletter to follow our blog on regular basis. Here I used to publish quality article about blogging, Web-hosting and review various product online.

Note: This is not a promotional blog, but some of the links may generate revenue if you proceed and buy the cheap stock footage paid plans. Thank You!!!

30 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense is the most popular, preferred and used tool for making money online through blogging or website or YouTube through the advertisements provided by them. But it is not the only company that pays for adverts. There are huge amount of AdSense alternatives which you might check and consider making money with it.

Before we go through the AdSense alternatives, let’s know about Google Adsense, and why it the most popular?

Websites Best for Google AdSense

Google Adsense has their certain policies to meet; if a website meets the requirement then the website is good for running Google Ads on it. Any type of website can access the Adsense but Google mostly favors the listed website belongings.

  • Blogs – Blogging is the most common, since blogs can be monetized; most of the blogs are utilizing the facility of AdSense. A high quality content website with consistent blog posting for audience can easily be monetized.
  • Forums- If you are not a type of person that likes to write a blog, you can attract people and interact through Forums instead that can generate AdSense revenue.
  • Free Online tool – People are mostly attracted towards free offerings. Providing free tool or service with attached Ads can also generate revenue.

A website with regular traffic is more keened for Google AdSense.

Signing Up with Google AdSense might be problem for some of the users. Also Google AdSense charges more as a tax which might be problem to users.

There might be lots of reasons not to use Google AdSense, also some users personally did not like Goolge AdSense.

So, the question comes what other ways I can monetize my website? This leads to the Adsense alternatives.

Why Should I look for Google AdSense Alternative?

 Google AdSense has been one of the prime ways to make money online with blogging for many years. Right niche with good content with engaging audience, a website can generate good amount of revenue.

But generating revenue from Google AdSense is not the only choice. There are more alternatives and reasons to look up instead of Adsense.

You might already be AdSense member but these AdSense alternatives may blow your mind and some of them can generate more revenue than AdSense. You can either use single stream to make money or you can keep Google AdSense with some additional streams.

Without delaying lets dive deeper on getting Google AdSense alternatives.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

  1. Amazon Associates programs
  2. Adversal
  3. Taboola Native Advertising
  5. PopAds
  6. Adcash
  7. InfoLinks
  8. Evadav
  9. Propeller Ads
  10. Sovrn
  11. Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM
  12. Google Ad Exchange
  13. Vidoomy
  14. Dianomi
  15. Carbon Ads
  16. Bidvertiser
  17. Skimlinks
  18. Ezoic
  19. Adsterra
  20. AdThrive
  21. Mediavine
  22. Monumetric
  23. Adblade
  25. RevenueHits
  26. BuySellAds
  27. PopCash
  28. SHE Media
  29. AdRecover
  30. MadAds

Have a general overview of these 30 AdSense alternatives and then we will dive deeper below one by one.

1. Amazon Associates programs

Amazon has an affiliate program that has gained more popularity over recent years, which is considered as a significant Ad competitor for Google. This is one of the best AdSense alternatives around because of its modern and automatic tactic that can easily fit Ads in a blog.

Amazon associates have built-in link building tools that you can link to your website to direct the potential customer or audience to the recommended product.

You can earn commissions by generating sales to Amazon. Here the commission rates may vary from category to category.

Amazon associates programs are best for large traffic websites where they can generate more sales and get more commission revenue.


Adversal can be your another AdSense alternative, as it has easy to use Ad platform. Here you have to go through easy sign up process to produce the native ads to your blog or website.

Adversal come with special requirement before getting started with ads, where a website must have special domain name and must have an average of 50,000 page views on a month.

If you have met the requirement it might be right AdSense alternative for you but if not you shouldn’t apply before it.

Adversal have an intuitive interface which allows user to easily start, pause or terminate the running Ads or campaign.

3. Taboola Native Advertising

Taboola is another AdSense alternative that is emerging and has become common and more popular to many of the blogger. Huge number of website owner has shifted to Taboola Native Advertising platform.

It comes with 100% fill rate which fulfills the demand of Ads. Most of the Advertiser Company gets restricted because of the geography but Taboola doesn’t limits here.

The best part of Taboola is, it has some awesome features where you can customize widgets and use prompted product listings.

As soon as you sign up with Tabolola, you are allowed to use the tools in Google-sponsored search areas, websites and also on social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.

4. specially focuses the contextual advertising and has become a prime competitor to Google AdSense. Now a day’s most of the blogger and websites owner are applying for Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads from network.

Most people are shifting because of the high paying ads revenue. You can also make money with by signing up and putting Ads on your website, revenue is generated whenever the website traffic clicks on the Ads.

More over they offer comprehensive design option that allows customizing manually to enhance the performance of the ads layout and a good looking website.

5. PopAds

Another option to monetize your website or a blog can be PopAds. Most people find PopAds more interesting because it can generate you revenue instantly. PopAds has the simplest method to generate revenue just by impression strategy.

It has some criteria that a website has to follow where the websites traffic must be 1000 visits per month and the minimum cash out amount is just $4.

Once the minimum cash out threshold is met, you can easily withdraw your earnings through PayPal directly.

This is so easy to use and effective immediately, hence this is also a great Google AdSense alternative.

6. Adcash

Adcash is one of the well known Ads serving platform where they have successfully helped 200+ million users to increase their app’s installation and generate revenue from conversions.

It has wide variety where a user can apply different Ads format like- pop up ads, standard display ads, aside ads and many more alike. Also this offers unique add-on ads which consist of anti ad-block feature.

Anti Adblock feature allows to see ads although the user have enabled Adblockers. Thus you can make money by suppressing the adblock feature.

This feature has attracted more users and become competition to Google AdSense.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is an automated Ads platform, where you have to apply HTML code to your website and they do the rest.
You can personally create the ad types such as banner ads and video ads to monetize your website.
Infolinks serves top leading brands like Netflix, Virgin Airlines. Here infolinks is a mediator that helps to increase the traffic of these companies by increasing the engagement on a website.

8. Propeller

Currently over 200 thousand publishers are using this platform to generate money from ads. Propeller ads come into the market in 2014, despite of short period of time it has gained more popularity and becomes one of the Google AdSense alternatives. Propeller ads claims to increase your monthly income by 20% because of the facilities they provide; such as they have 24 hours moderation service and filtration system that prevents the Ads to look Spammy and leads to relevant and legitimate ads.

9. Evadav

This can be another Google AdSense alternative where Evaday advertising network mainly focuses on push notification along with ads.

Evaday also has some of their special requirement to get signed up, where they personally review and approve website on the basis of traffic and safeness. If you are signed up, high paying adverts are generated to make money with.

Their promotional methods include video sliders, native ads, and banner ads for both of the mobile and desktop users. As it consists of push notification, once a user subscribe to push notification the system automatically helps to get connected with them by offerings.

10. Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM

This platform can be used as a booster to a website as they provide effective ads that are exponentially related to your niche.

A special feature that retrieves the content search and the related keywords to a website trigger the ads. Once the purchase is made or service is clicked, you will receive a commission.

Once you full fill the minimum payout you can easily cash out through various payment methods.

11. Sovrn

Sovrn specially focuses for the ecommerce websites. This could be a great alternative for the website owner who has numerous ad links to monetize.

Currently Sovrn is working with 40,000+ independent websites. Sovrn Ads claims to increase the revenue by 26%.

Sovrn allows you to integrate the available ads where you can keep the track and records without any error. In addition it allows Amazon users to create links that can easily be shared to your websites.

12. Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange sounds similar to the Google AdSenese, but it one of the alternative to AdSense. Most of the Ads platform pays the user to get clicked for it, but Google Ad Exchange pays the user for 1,000 impressions according to the niche.

This platform can be great option to the website where the owner gets more impressions.

To enable ads you have to go through sign up process and once you get the dashboard the platform itself refers you different services like Global DSPs and Adwords to enhance the website performance.

Google Ad Exchange also has adblock bypass system to the user who uses adblock, also they uses data usage, cookies and URL usage to enhance the ads generation and placement.

But to enable this feature you must have 5 million page views monthly to work effectively and efficiently.

13. Vidoomy

Vidoomy Ads are the Ads platform which generates ads in video forms mostly. Currently Vidoomy has 2000 plus publishers to monetize their content.

This is best for the publisher who creates high engaging, high-quality and impact video advertising campaigns. Vidoomy’s video formats have greater acceptance on audience as the videos are more likable and interesting to watch.

According to the video creation of the niche they provide the highest CPMs on the market to full the demand of Ads.

14. Dianomi

Dianomi is also a great alternate to Google AdSense those who are looking to monetize their websites.

It has a special tool that has an algorithm that that dissects, responds, assesses, and gives ongoing activities to guarantee your crowd gets quality and trustworthy adverts.

Currently it is getting more popularity because of their service with reputable publishers like BBC Global, Reuters, Forbes, and WSJ.

Dianomi has wide range of ads to work with such as sponsored ads with variety on their infographics, videos, and articles to publish on websites.

15. Carbon Ads

Carbon Ads is another Google AdSense alternative that works on the basis of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  This means Carbon Ads find the best suitable ads on the basis of present situation of browsing content.

This is best for the targeted audience especially for blog which is niched down. Suppose if a website has audience of designer and developers, the special AI of carbon Ads shows the Ads belonging to Technology, App, Designing and many more.

You can possibly use this platform to make your website look more professional and generate more revenue.

16. Bidvertiser

Considering Bidvertiser as Google Adsense alternative would not fail you because it has the simplest interface for the bloggers and publishers.

Bidvertiser provides special customizer so that you can customize your ads according to the layout of your website. Also they have high CPM per thousand clicks, the minimum PPC rate starts from 0.05 per click which may vary depending on conversions and country.

Bidvertiser do have the minimum threshold of $10 to cash out your earnings.

17. Skimlinks

Skimlinks can be your another AdSense alternatives for monetizing your website. It is a specialized content monetizing Ads platform that helps the publishers like (bloggers, social media network, forums, apps, and developers)

Skimlinks thinking as an opportunity, they offer direct access to the partners and merchants platform. This depends on the quality of the content and the size of traffic that you generate for the ads. This becomes prime solution to generate more revenue with your website.

18. Ezoic

Ezoic can be potential Google AdSense alternative as they claims to be better than Google AdSense. They claim to increase the blog earnings and also increase in traffic of the website.

Ezoic is an automated website testing company which enables the publisher to strategies’ the appropriate placement of Ads for better conversions.

Ezoic can be eye catching Ad platform because of the feature the provide like speed calculator and automated layout, in addition of Cloudflare CDN, WordPress and other essential features.

19. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the popular Global ad platform network founded on 2013 working presently with 30,000 plus partners on 248 GEOs.

It surely can be your another Google AdSense alternative as it is one of the fast-growing ad platform. This ad platform serves the ads in very informative and aggressive way, so the engagements of the customers are more likely.

This best for the beginners as they accept instantly and care every partner, either with more website visitors or less website visitors.

20. AdThrive

Adthrive would be perfect option as Google AdSense alternative for bloggers or content creators to maximize their revenue per page view.

Before you think to sign up for this, at least you should have 10,000 page views monthly. If you do have passed the minimum requirement you can apply for it.

Currently it is considered to be one of the best ads platforms because they are offering 75% payouts for the publishers. This has comparatively increased the closeness of publishers and advertisers.

21. Meadiavine

Mediavine is another alternative to Google AdSense for the high traffic website. Mediavine has certain requirements to be fulfilled to get selected for it. You must have 50,000 page views in the previous 30 days on Google Anylicts to sign up for mediavine.

This ad platform is especially for targeted audience primarily can be considered as advance version of Google AdSense. This also payout its 75% to the publisher; publishing ads on their website.

22. Monumentric

Monumentric is blog centric ad platform offering abundant competition to Google AdSense. Monmentric Ad platform pays for a typical impression rather than cost per click.

It can be best for the website that appears more and not getting converted for clicks.

But it comes with limitation of 10,000 monthly page views and also you have to pay $99 as a signup fee.

23. Adblade

Users prefer AdBlade for its largest content style ads surfing on the internet. Adbalde has gained more popularity and presently have over 300 million users for their features.

AdBlade is selective about their publishers as they claim to get huge amount of applications daily, so they only accepts publishers or website that generates 500,000 page views per month. If you met the requirement you are goof to go. With AdBlade you can control the sales and ads in need; also you can check out your gross report and collect the revenue to check out the performance. They generate high-quality user experience to interact more users again and again.


It is one of the higher Google AdSense alternatives that only focus for the high profile advertisers and publishers. is managed by Yahoo! Once you are up and running the ads form you can see variety of ad formats suitable for you website.

It consists of very powerful Anylicts features to maximize the revenue generation through their ads. It generates more suitable ads for the visitors so they visit more often.

25. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the simplest ways to convert your digital content into passive income property. These hold best industry-wise ads that can be placed according to choice.

It is free to join, currently over 20,000 publishers are working worldwide with RevenueHits.

Moreover, it accompanies different showcase based promotions like buttons, pop-unders, gadgets, and others reasonable for adapting your site or content. You can get additional Anylicts metric to check out your best performing ads and enhance others.

26. BuySellAds

BuysellAds is another appropriate Google AdSense alternative that is on a high roll right now. It is best for the users who are seeking for platform to diversify the advertising strategy.

Their strategy is completely different than other ad platforms where they support channels like display ads, emails, sponsored content, native performance and more.

This also has the limitation of 10,000 page views per month to enjoy the full benefits of all the features of choosing and customizing Ads personally.

27. PopCash

PopCash is Popunder network that buys and sell popunder traffic leading to advertisement. This is sure a Google Adsense alternative because of its flexibility throughout the interface, coverage to Payment.

Currently over 50,000 active publishers are working with Popcash. Unlike others to get ads form Popcash you have to pay $5 as a sign up fee.

In case you have any issue PopCash comes with 24/7 support to solve problem.

Talking about the payment process it has 8 plus payment process supporting PayPal, Skrill, wire and others.

28. She Media

The name itself shows the targeted audience as this platform mainly focuses for the female creator. It is more popular on female audience getting monthly view of 50 million per month.

She Media helps female creator to monetize their content despite of their age and country.

Apart from the advertisement, She Media offers paid product reviews, sponsored posts and content monetization.

It has gained more popularity because they have gathered famous female personality like Jennifer lopez (singer), Serena Williams (tennis Player) and more.

29. MadAds

MadAds is our last on the list that is alternative to Google AdSense. It provides the campaign from internet’s highest profile brand advertisers.

MadAds offers a wide scope of promotion missions to browse including CPA, CPL, CPC, and CPM. This stage is likewise extraordinary in light of the fact that it offers you the chance to work with experienced streamlining experts to upgrade your promotion arrangement. This is an extraordinary reward!

30. AdRecover

A stat shows Adblocking has grown by 34% and still growing but Adrecover has made out a way to recover the ads with adblock too that has increased the ad view percentage and revenue generation.

To get started with AdRecover you must have at least of 10,000 adblock users and get monetized.

AdRecover ad platform has collaborated with adblock providers to display extremely fast loading UX-complaint ads to boost the ads performance and visualization.

My View:

Above presented are the 30 best Google AdSense alternatives. If you are a blogger and looking to monetize in any way you can choose any one of it and make money. Some of them have limitations and some of them accepts instantly.

This just general overview, before you get involved on any one of these alternative ads platform please do have more clear intention why you should join.

If you are beginner or new to blogging and searching for a way to start blogging as a career, you can check out other blog post too. Firstly you need web-hosting to host your website. Learn more which Web-hosting you should choose and why?

If you find this article beneficial, please do share with you friends. Also if you know other Google Adsense alternatives you can comment the list and I will try to add them here.


Linktree is one of the most popular and widely used tools that is used to solve one link problem. Linktree provides unique URL to house everything on your own Linktree that you want to link.

Since, there is no perfect tool and is without limitations. Though, Linktree provides unique URL house some people are unhappy and argue about the lack of custom domain option. All of the Linktree profiles either free or paid contain the string “” in their URL.

So, if you fall on a category where you like to hold full control over your brand then you might have been looking for the alternatives. Here are top 7 alternatives that you can pursue.


  1. Shorby Specially for Instagram to create bio link and put spotlight for your prime content
  2. It is a simple page builder created to engage your audience
  3. Creates pages with multiple links to attach with your profile.
  4. Leadpages It is used for landing page and content builder for different platforms
  5. Shortstack It is used to create social contest
  6. Campsite It provides free landing page to add unlimited links
  7. Milkshake It helps to turn your link into a free milkshake website

Let’s dive deeper and get detailed information about best linktree alternatives.

#1) Linktree Alternatives Shorby:

Shorby is very almost similar to the Linktree among all the alternatives available here. Here you will get your admin section where you can link posts from various platform.

On first category, you can add your messengers like, facebook messenger, viber, telegram, skype and more.

On second Category, You can add about your website, you blog or any content you like.

At last you can show case your social linking profile like facebook, Instagram, Linked In, twitter and more.

Here you will get an inside view where you can see about the performance and report too.

Plans and Pricing

It consist of the paid version too where you can get three plans starting at $15 per month ($12 per month annually) For your custom domains and more smart pages you have to choose for the higher plan.

#2) Linktree Alternatives

 Tap. Bio is a link in bio tool which provides the ability to create personalized bio that can be filled with link pictures or messages that you want to share. provides customized and dynamic view of your profile rather than creating bio on a single page. Here you can swipe left or right to see your profile.

Here you can customize the buttons of your specific links on bio. You can customize them to bigger and colorful buttons

The best option you can get is, you can create subscribe button for your YouTube channel with a featured video in it.

Plans and Pricing:

 You can utilize your free plans for a single Instagram account and also 2 cards from it. Paid plan starts from $5per month ($36 per year). Paid plan has the benefit of creating more cards and has performance tab where you can see your stats.

#3) provides numerous amounts of options to increase the productivity of your bio.

Here you get over 40 plus social icons to link your profile. You get to choose separate buttons to follow through the bio links.

Each page is transparent to follow which users can easily navigate through here.

Plans and Pricing

It consists of free plan where you can add unlimited links on your page.

The paid plan begins from $0.99 per month. The prior benefit you get is you can schedule the publishing links; as you might run some personal data to your followers.

Paid plan provides tracking of your links with great interface.


Leadpages is one of the most attractive and beautiful landing page builders available. Leadpage consist of special section or dedicated Instagram landing page creator.

Leadpages has their auto suggest guidance to improve you page quality and engagement based on your audience.

Leadpages leverage your preferences which are like and dislike in order for better conversion: that might be scary thing for certain users.

Leadpages has its own drag and drop tools that make the creation of landing page easy. Leadpages does not limit your potential to just text and links, as it offers a lot more feature to create sign up form, open table reservation widget and more.

Plans and Pricing

Paid plan starts from $37per month ($37 per month annually). Paid plans have better and great opportunity for creating landing page for social media; also you will get pop-ups and alerts to use as per need.

More pages and multiple forms can only be created with paid plans.

#5) ShortStack

ShortStack is all-in-one combined contesting software where you can create landing pages, run contest, send emails and analyze the performance report.

Once you sign up, your free trail begins where you get 20 entries to make and only 100 page views. Free trail limits your productivity for creating a successful bio links.

Here you can run short contests for your social media fans or groups. ShortStack provides a feature that captures the tweet and post so that you can select the winner on the basis of the contest rules.

Besides the contest you can share the ShortStack link to your profile letting you friends and family knowing what platform you are using. So, they can follow you there too.

Plans and Pricing

ShortStack has 2 types of paid plans where Business Plan costs $99 per month and let you run refer a friend and instant win contests. Whereas, the Agency plan costs $199 per month and has both hash tag as well as re-tweet contest to increase your productivity.

#6) Campsite is similar to the where it provides bio link creation with free plan. Here also you can create your own space on the web with their easy tools.

You can put unlimited links of your social bio.

It is little bit fancier where custom tools let you tweak the appearance of your page by creating custom image, logo color and more.

Analytics dashboard provides clear view of the best performing links and you can view your performance.

Plans and Pricing:

Paid plan starts from $7 per month where you get some additional features such as.
• You can manage up to 3 campsite profile
• You can link it to your Google AdWords and Facebook pixel to target your visitors
• Integration of MailChimp or Google forms to grow email list

#7) Milkshake

Milkshake is considered as one of the best linktree alternative that is beyond “link in bio” as it consists of landing page creation and moreover as a complete free website.

This platform lets you create cards or pages where you will be able to insert your text, images, video links, GIFS an a lot more.

You can manage one of the best links in bio profile here. You can share to different platform easily and freely.

The best part is you are able to track your performance of your cards or links. So you can increase the productivity.

Plans and Pricing:

Milshake is absolutely free to use but the problem is it can only be used once you create your profile after downloading the app from Google playstore or Apple store

These are the best alternatives for You can use them instead and also some of them are so suitable and easy to use. Give a try and comment down which one of them you like the most.

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