How to make money on earning best programs?

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Nearly 71% of people are involved on working online; make money on earning best programs have also played a vital role in breaking down the barriers that had kept workers inside office. Some of free best earning programs can make you debt free also it can provide aid income, fund a hobby or it might even support you make money full time. Earning best programs allow you to work in flexible timing with simple sign-up process. Different program have different payment system.

There are huge amount of earning best programs available on the market. The best is determined by the potential to earn, the payment and the ratings provided by different app store. So, here are some of best earning programs that will help you make money easily with the effort of time you apply.

Earning Best programs:

  • Upwork
  • Swagbucks
  • Uber
  • Survey Junkie
  • Rakuten

Sign Up

Upwork is a freelancing platform, where freelancers earn money over time. Its simplicity and streamlined communication makes it more reliable, hereby considered as make money on best earning programs. Upwork is so flexible that you can work as pat-time or make it as a full-time freelance business.

Up work is one of the best earning programs for skilled workers which lets you connect your clients and manage projects in single place. Upwork is in top because of its broad range of available skill categories and limitless earning potential and profile building features as well.

Upwork consists of their own profile building system, which is considerably simple and easy on comparison with other platforms. Freelancers can have huge amount of opportunities on fields like digital marketing, coding, translation, video making, typing jobs, admin work and a lot more.

The fact is if you can perform on your computer, you can perform on Upwork too.

Upwork has created huge amount of manpower with abundant working opportunities. The review and the rising job success score will make the freelancers profile more attractive and let provides more opportunities.

It has wide range of payment method such as PayPal, wire transfer and other methods too. Most of the freelancer worries about the fee which is about 5 to 20 %. Generally funds are credited after 10 days of weekly billing cycle.

Also, being as an independent contractor, you have to pay taxes to the US government.

Its rating:

IOS: 4.6 stars

Google: 4.3 stars


  • Simple to set up profile and find jobs
  • Attract new clients based on reviews and earnings
  • Payment is secured


  • Not fixed rate for all freelancer
  • Service charge of 5-20%
  • Payment after 10 days of billing period

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Swagbucks is earning Best programs on variety of ways such as cash back for qualifying purchase, watching videos, playing games, taking surveys on odd topics and more. But the payment remains limited.

Swagbucks does not pay much but it is one of the fun ways to make some extra cash by completing odd jobs and surveys and by cash back as well.

Swagbucks is much of a partner with marketing companies in order to pay the users. It has wide range to make money by buying products, using search engine, playing games, taking surveys and more.

Getting started with swagbucks is so simple and does not require payment info. It consists of daily check list which helps user to keep track on the ways they earn.

Almost all of the tasks are easy and they provide SB according to their difficulty. Surveys generally award users between 40-200 SB for surveys that is time spent for 5-60 minutes.

Also Swagbucks gives you $10 joining bonus after spending $25 on in-store purchase. Swagbucks gives referral incentives if someone joins through your link.

SB can be redeemed for rewards through Swagbucks, as 100SB is valued as $1. Receiving cash is also possible but it might up to 10 business days.

Its Rating:

IOS: 4.4

Google: 4.1


  • Earn points easily
  • $10 sign up bonus after spending $25
  • Redeem points for gift cards or cash via PayPal


  •  Tasks don’t make much points
  • Surveys may disqualify due to demography
  • Receiving awards takes up to 10 business days

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This earning best program is for the users who own cars. You can earn with your convenience by driving and delivering whenever you want.

Making money with Uber offers 2 ways to earn, which is immediate payouts and a streamlined app for accepting new work that makes one of the best earning program for car owners. The process is to share the ride which makes you money.

You must qualify:

  • Local driving requirements should be met(including proper driver’s license)
  • You must be driver at least a year in U.S or 3years for driver under 23
  • You must have 4 passenger seats
  • Must provide necessary documents, including insurance, registration and more.
  • Must go through the driver screening process

Being an Uber driver you can accept ride request or deliver food through Uber eats, generally from the same app.

You can cash out money up to 5 times in a single day. Your earning might be affected by various factors including

  • Standard trip fare: it is based on the length and distance traveled that varies from city to city
  • Surge Pricing: Peak periods can make you more money because of high demands
  • Tips: No share of tips, you can keep it all

Also Uber Eats pay drivers on same basis.

Its Rating:

IOS: 4.6       

Google: 3.7


  • Accept work when you want and make money
  • Cash out up to 5 times a day
  • Drive passengers and deliver food with single app


  • Requirements can prevent participation
  • Service charge differs with time and cost
  • The driver app can be difficult

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Survey Junkie is earning best program where users are paid for the survey that generally lasts for 15 minutes or less based on demographic questions. This offers instant payment via gift cards or PayPal.

Basically this program offers the user to complete surveys and in exchange you will get points and can be redeemed.

Sign up process is so simple where you create your profile by answering questions, allowing Survey Junkie to offer best offer for user. By completing the survey you will receive certain points, the points can be cash out with gift cards or from PayPal. 100 points is considered as $1 and the minimum payout is 500points or $5.

Most of the surveys are based on geography. So must of the survey gets disqualified because of demography when the user lacks or does not meet the criteria.

Beyond demography this earning best program provides the points with additional surveys that is based on browsing data. It has its own browser extension that tracks activity like searches, websites, shopping and more to find new and fresh surveys for you.

Its Rating:

IOS: 4.5

Google: 4.4


  • Make money completing simple surveys
  • Submit data anonymously so user identity is protected
  • Redeem points for cash via PayPal or online gift cards


  • Pre-survey identification can be so annoying
  • Expired survey may attract you
  • Repetitive questions to confirm identity

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Rakuten is earning best program in source of offering numerous cash back options for online in-store purchase. It has great sign up and referral incentives.

Rakuten was previously known as Ebates, which is earning best program for cash back. Rakuten offers numerous deals offering retailers with inviting sign-up and referral program. Making money is only possible when you spent money on it.

Users can register and get numerous cash back offers at thousands of retailer including Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s and many more. To get the cash back simply you have to purchase through the app or website.

The rate of cash back varies from retailer; this might be from 1-40%. You can browse the available cash back offer provided by the store, brand, and dealers from the app or website.

Likewise Swagbucks you can qualify for the $10 sign up bonus after spending $25 on your 1st purchase. You can get $10 referral bonus by inviting new users who spent $20 on their purchase.

Payments can be received through PayPal or by check at the end of the 3rd month. The minimum cash back amount to cash out is $5.

Its Rating:

IOS: 4.6

Google: 4.1


  • Cash Back up to 40%
  • $10 sign up bonus after spending $25
  • $20 as referral bonus


  • Cash back rates can be low as 1%
  • Some user experience app freezing
  • Delay payouts

These are the 5 earning best programs available to join and make money.

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