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Do you wish to make money with Poshmark Affiliate Program? You might have curiosity what Poshmark  is all about. How can I make money with this? Here is what you need to know in order to make money with this affiliate program.

Poshmark is platform where you can buy and sell fashion; discover home decor, beauty products and a lot more. So, if you are in niche of fashion this program indeed is for you. Let’s break down from joining step to money making step.

Affiliate Marketing Introduction:

Affiliate Marketing can be introduced as making money by generating commissions on others Product. Basically getting commission by promoting products or services on behalf of the owner or the company is called as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both the advertisers and publishers, as both of them make money by outreaching the product or service to people. The process of affiliate marketing is simple and easy where you will get a unique affiliate link to promote in front of your audience. 

There are numerous promotional methods available such as by creating Blog, Youtube, Social Media and a lot more. Affiliate marketing is easy but don’t take it lightly as the terms and conditions affiliate program varies from company to company.

For Example:

Homary Affiliate program does not require any prior audience to get accepted where as Canva affiliate program requires large number of audience being on a niche of Designing.

What is Poshmark Affiliate Program?

Poshmark is one of the leading platforms on the market of Fashion since 2011. Poshmark provides huge opportunities to buy, sell, and discover fashion, home decor, beauty, and more. About 90 percent of people shop online which makes Poshmark a huge and great market to be as an affiliate.

Poshmark affiliate program mainly focuses for Poshmark ambassadors and social media influencers. They believe in easy marketing strategy that makes money from the beginning of the affiliate promotion. Simply they have to promote the affiliate links of various products on their platform.

Promoters can easily promote on the platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and more. Affiliate promoters mostly make money by promoting products but it is not the only way to make money from Poshmark. However they run various campaigns and events which you can access easily.

Requirements to join Poshmark Affiliate Program

It is considerably easy to join affiliate program of Poshmark. However they have 2 minimum requirements either to be fulfilled by the publisher. You must fall in these requirements to be part of Posh.

  • A Poshmark Ambassador
  • A Social Media Influencer who has connected 1 or more social accounts to Poshmark that must have at least 5,000 followers either on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram.

This is so simple and easy, as they claim all you need is to connect your social media accounts and hold back they will be in touch in short period of time.

How to get connected with Poshmark?

In order to access the affiliate dashboard you must pass the requirements. Poshmark checks whether a publisher is an Ambassador or social media influencer with 5,000 followers. So in order to verify you have to connect your social media accounts on Poshmark profile.

You have to sign up with Poshmark if not get sign up first. Once you sign up, log in to your profile and move to the next step.

  1. Click to “Accosunt Setting”
  2. Go to “Sharing Setting”
  3. Tap to “Connect”
  4. Click on “Add Social Media”

Now you will be able to connect your desired social media account i.e Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram. Before you add your social media accounts, make sure to read and understand their terms and condition.

It is minatory to check the terms and condition, as they might access some of the features which you might not like. For instance: If you accept the “sharing setting “, a pop up generates and asks a permission to allow Poshmark to save pins and create boards on your Pintrest profile.

Another example which may be little uncomfortable for twitter users is it asks to share a post on your twitter profile regarding Poshmark.

Still there is way where you can keep all of your social media accounts under your control. You may opt to connect social media accounts Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook and show the most active audience of your platform. Here Poshmark does not acquire information to post on social media channels but still you have to verify the number of followers on your profile.

Requirements to be Poshmark Ambassador

This is another way to join Poshmark affiliate Program which does not require large audience. If you are so desperate to promote the Poshmark products, you can be their Ambassador. There are certain requirements to be Posh Ambassador. Here are its requirements,

  • You have to share at least of 5,000 items from other Posher’s closets
  • You must share at least 5,000 times on your belonging community
  • Generate Sells of at least 15 times
  • Create your own closet with at least 50 available items
  • Get average rating of 4.5 stars
  • Product shipment within 3 days
  • Share at least 1 Love note for another Posh affiliate Publisher

Being an Ambassador at Poshmark itself is achievement as you can have insider view for active programs and campaigns. Apart from generating commissions from sales you will be able to access their latest money making campaigns. You will be invited through news letter and also can have visibility to the new Poshers!

You can utilize these campaigns and active programs for exclusive benefits. Nevertheless it will be win-win situation as you can generate more sells and get more commissions.

How Poshmark Affiliate Program Works?

The main theme of affiliate marketing is to put others product or program towards your audience and generate a commission over and over again. This is how Poshmark affiliate program also works where you will get a custom tracking link on your post to share.

Once a user clicks, signs-up and purchase through your link you will start earning money. Earning money or lots of money totally depends on the amount of traffic you send to the Poshmark that converts according to the affiliate terms and condition.

Custom affiliate link works on the basis of cookie duration; different programs have different cookie duration. In general the cookie duration means; either sale is generated instantly or within 30 days you will get commission.

To achieve commission sales must be generated within a month or validity of the cookie will expire after a month. For example if a campaign starts on 1st January then it will end on 30th January.

Campaigns may be of different types such as CPA (Click Per Action), generate sales, email submit and more. However Poshmark also do run these types of campaigns time to time and you can take advantage out of it.

Poshmark Affiliate Program Payout System

Poshmark affiliate program have a credit earning system known as Poshmark Credit. Once you run your campaign you will earn these credits on the basis of campaigns you are running which may vary. The way these credits work is by the successful submission and the credits are credited to your PM account within 3 to 5 business days.

You can utilize these Poshmark Credits on two ways.

  1. Poshmark Credit: It is virtual money where you are able to purchase Poshmark products with Posh credits as real money.
  2. Credit Bank Transfer: If you are not a type of shopping person! Indeed you can opt to deposit to your desired bank account. You can choose “Direct Deposit” on the “Account tab”.

Strength and Weakness of Poshmark Affiliate Program

It is pretty easy to generate some extra money with Poshmark by joining its affiliate program. However this program is not for everyone; surely it is for a person belonging to the fashion niche. Most of the time generating sales becomes the prior problem because of the niche.

For example: This website is mostly about the Affiliate programs, Domain and Hosting, and Make money online. So, selling fashion products on this website will be pretty hard or may be impossible.

Pros of Posh Affiliate Program:

  • Extra Income:

Some extra cash is always good to have, I believe everyone likes to make money just sharing and relaxing. Poshmark lets you to make $10 every month by engaging you while promoting their products.

  • Great Offers:

As Poshmark runs exclusive programs and campaigns to engage more and more you can easily broaden the brand awareness to your community. Apart from this you get chance to meet newer Poshers so you can get along.

  • Easy and Simple:

There is no better way to earn money just by sharing products attaching your affiliate links. This makes Poshmark simplest and easiest way for side hustle money. You can start as a side hustle after then you can make full time job or work if you like.

Cons of Poshmark Affiliate Program

Despite of all the advantage this affiliate program has there will be always some cons for the Poshers. Before making mind to join this program please do read below whether this program will be worth to you or not.

  • Privacy of Personal Data

As I have mentioned earlier to read terms and condition before signing up the program because anytime you allow Poshmark to access social media, you also allow your personal data too. They gather information for research and strategies. Although they say these information’s are confidential; this is how the personal data are hacked, breached or leaked.

  • Taxes

You have to pay taxes for the commissions you have generated according to the government law. This applies both for the resident of US and resident Outside US. You can monitor the earnings and calculate the annual taxes yourself. So, do not misunderstand for commission cut off; those are for taxes.

  • Less Commission

The commission rates of Poshmark affiliate program is considerably lower which makes harder if you are thinking to make living with it. Depending on the campaign, reach and engagement most likely you can have $10 from Poshmark affiliate Program. Social media influencer with large number of followers can make efficient money with no doubt. But for the Posher with less followers, this program does not pay much.

Programs like Poshmark you can join:

Levi’s Affiliate Program:

Levi’s has one of the best affiliate programs in the market of Fashion where they sell jeans, jackets and clothing for men, women and kids. They is famous because of their branded products which you can utilize to make money. Levi’s is partnered with Impact radius. So, to join Levi’s affiliate program you have to go through Impact radius.

Express Affiliate Program:

Aliexpress has one of the finest affiliate programs available. There is no restriction by country as express service is available all over the world. Express affiliate claims that they have paid out $100,000 per month for affiliate publisher. So, this becomes high paying affiliate programs but easy to join. You can try this too.

H&M Affiliate Program:

This is another affiliate program available for the marketers belonging to fashion niche. This might be your shopping destination for fashion online. H&M offers fashion and quality at best price in a more sustainable way. This affiliate program is available worldwide.


I believe there is always some bigger fish on the market but smaller fish can do great too. This means if you are just starting to with less number of followers you still can make it with right market and keyword.

Poshmark does not guarantee you a sale but it can help you more for the visibility and brand awareness wherever you share on your social media account. But you are not limited to social media accounts; you can create yourself a store where you can sell more products.

Nothing is guaranteed and permanent but you can give shot. You can buy Domain name and Hosting and create a website like me. You can share your ideas, views and create store to direct sale. This way you can generate more sales and also the process will be sustainable.

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